Assignment 5


Part 1 - SCAMPER

For part 1 of the assignment, I incorporated multiple questions for each section in order to get broad ideas for my product.
My sub-them was winter outerwear, for this assignment, I narrowed down my topic to a specific product: winter coat.

Different material

  • Wool

  • Down

  • Cattail

  • Dried leaves

  • Cardboard

  • Foam (Spray foam)

  • Plastic

  • Newspapers

  • Sustained hot-warm water

Different shape

  • Quilted triangle to produce bags of air/wool/down for insulation

Replace/change parts

  • The hoodie could be made into a helmet for blocking the cold air

  • The end of the sleeve could be a glove

Change its color/roughness/smell

  • Black (absorbing heat)

  • Cookie smell that makes users feel homey, therefore users are warm mentally

  • Furry surface that increase the warm feels


For this part, I started drawing a normal winter coat, and then added other things that I thought were necessary.


What other ideas does it suggest?

  • Sleeping bag - the materials were similar for both products

  • Insulator - for holding cups and other hot product

  • Blanket - big warm quilted blanket for winter

What ideas outside my filed can I incorporate?

  • Hand warmer - something like hand warmer could perhaps got build within the coat itself.

  • Solar heating - the layer on the outside could be made in the material that absorb sunlight, like solar panel



  • Make the inner space of sleeves bigger, but still be insulated. With bigger space inside the sleeves, user could put more layers of cloth under (extending the space).


  • One thing to minify the coat would be adding a layer inside the coat to wrap up user's body in order to keep users warm in a tiny space (decrease the space).


Put to other use
Are there any possible uses if it's modified?

  • It could be cut off and turned into a heating pad. The heating pad would be in the pillow-like shape and it would have a hole run through for users to put their hands in.

What else can it be made from?

  • Foam, which is a great insulator

  • Nylon

  • A layer that contains hot-warm running water

  • Electrical generated heated material that keeps user warm


What part can be removed (or non-essential) for simplification?

  • The quilted feature does keep users warm but also makes users look bulky in their coat. Perhaps we could get rid of the amount of air inside the quilted bag, and replace the air with some warm fur, and make the inner part of the coat warmer by adding a surface of fur as well.

Could it be split into different parts?

  • The coat could be attached piece from different component. Users could choose what to wear depend on how cold it is out.


Perhaps it could be made in different patterns, layouts, or sequences.

  • Different patterns for making quilt so the winter coat would be very stylish.

  • Different fabrics for making the quilt.

Thinking in opposite direction

  • Summer looking for winter coat!


Part 2 - Morphological Analysis

For part 2, I initially was thinking of doing TRIZ, but I was struggling with what type of problem I should start with, so I ended up doing morphological analysis. Gladly, I ended up with some new ideas for the same subject from part 1: winter coat!


The first idea from the morphological table was to have a one-piece winter coat that had self-heating function. It would heat up automatically in cold weather, and cool down when person was at indoor. The one-piece coat would have a handle attached on the back for users to carry it easily.


The second idea I came up was to have a collaged coat, so users could take it into pieces and fold it into small bundle. Each piece would be a separate heating pad, this way the coat would keep the users warm in the winter.


Part 3 - Manipulation of ideas from blue sky

For this part, I went over the ideas from last week, realized most of the ideas were hard to revise into something feasible, I did found that some of the ideas had potential. I ended up with 3 revised ideas from last week.

One idea my friend had was to carry a Charmander from pokemon around. I revised the idea into a pokemon heating ball. It would be similar to a heating pad, but in this case, it was a pokemon ball. You could store these in your pockets to make your coat warm.


One of my friend had an idea of growing your hair in the winter to keep yourself warm. I thought of having a hair hat, in which it would contain a layer of hair, and you could choose to pull down the hair to keep yourself warm in the winter (good for people with short hair)


The third revised idea came from a friend who was thinking of doing a vacuum, which suck the winter outerwear in, in order to save space. My revised idea was to make a bear coat for kids. The coat would have a bear attached on the back, and whenever you feel you want to store the coat, you could fold the coat into the bear and zip it up. And now you have a bear toy to play with.


Part 4 - Gallery of 10 IDEAS












Hi Ai,
Firstly, a quick glimpse of your blog revealed very fine sketching and did draw my attention. I wish I have this wonderful skill!

I was surprised you included dried leaves for alternate material for winter coat.All you ideas from this SCAMPER analysis are interesting with definite market potential. I really liked how you handled the reverse/rearrange where you had a summer looking winter coat, definitely not a silly or nonsensical idea!

Great move with the morphological analysis. Have you considered using HIT matrix? I thought it was really interesting where we combine attributes with a different product to generate new ideas, I am sure you would have ended up with cool and practical ideas as well.

Great job in manipulating the ideas from brainstorming. I am sure the kids will love that bear pillow coat. Overall, great ideas as a collection. Most of them were with winter coat for your sub theme of winter outer wear. It would be great if you could include 1 or 2 ideas with scarf, boots etc. to broaden your list and have a comprehensive collection of ideas for you theme!

-- Shiv


First off, very clean an organized blog. It was great to be able to completely read and recognize all the sketches quickly. I think a few of you sections of SCAMPER were less in-depth than other areas. It might be useful to elaborate more on these to get a broader range of ideas.

I know for the assignment we only needed to do one analysis, but I think you could benefit from doing more, you first one was excellent.

You 10 ideas look solid and mostly marketable, I would have like to have seen more description on some of them. It was hard to tell exactly what each product did.


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