Assignmen 7


At the end of last week's assignment, I ended up with five products ideas, these were:
1. Hands warmer gloves
2. Invisible heating pads
3. All-in-one coat
4. Pillow (stuffed animal) convertible coat
5. Heating Coat

The following chart was my Pugh Chart

pugh chart.JPG

I decided to go with the convertible pillow coat idea not because it had more +s than the other product ideas, but I thought it would have good market opportunity according to my survey.

When naming the product, I thought of using names that would be attractive to the kids, or somehow had relationship to the kids.
The names I was thinking of using were: babybear, bearkids, kumabear, and kumakids.
At the end, I ended up with the name Kumabear. Kuma was a Japanese word for bear, I thought it was fun to pronounce for the kids, bear was just too common to say. I also didn't want to call it Kumakids because it might become a product for everyone to use, I didn't want to make a restriction.


Kumabear - final cut.wmv



I really love the name you gave this product. I also thought your pitch included a lot of really great elements. I want to be constructive and recommend some areas for improvement, but I think that you prioritized your information really well within the one minute time limit. Other information you could consider: some sort of estimate on how much you think it might cost to make these, what other similar products are on the market, and what trends lead you to think this will be a success. Actually, this sort of information might be good to just have on hand in case it comes up in the questions.

Good luck tomorrow!

Unfortunately I could not get the video because of a compatibility issue. I like your name. Kumabear, though in a way it reminds me of cumber which may be negative because cumber means to hinder, obstruct or burden. Your visual is nice. If you had more time, what would the logo look like for kumabear?

I think that you did a good job with your presentation. As the first one to go, you were pretty confident with what you delivered. However, at some certain extend, I thought you could have give more information of how your product is different than other( you have more than 15 seconds left), because from what you said and your photo, it doesn't bring any curiosity.

I really like the name that you gave it, KUMABEAR!

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