Assignment 6


PART 1 - Marketable
In order to conduct decent amount of data from at least 15 people, I thought online survey would be the best option for me. I started putting the 10 best ideas from last week together, and colored each of them, so it looked somewhat presentable. I sent out the picture with attachment of descriptions for each individual product, and asked a couple of my friends to forward it to people they knew. Eventually, I ended up getting 18 responses back.

The following 5 pictures are the order of the ideas being sent out, and the data tables of respondents that showed their opinions on individual product ideas, as well as a table that had lists of suggestions from the respondents.

assignment 6.jpg





Based on the market survey, the 5 ideas that got at least "10 yeses" were:
Idea 2: Hands Warmer Gloves (11 yeses)
Idea 4: Invisible Heating Pad (10 yeses)
Idea 6: All-in-one Coat (10 yeses)
Idea 8: Pillow (stuffed animal) Coat (17 yeses)
Idea 9: Heating Coat (10 yeses)

The improvements I was thinking of were choice of either five fingers/none five fingers glove for idea 2; long life-span and ability of reusable for idea 4; and water proof and temperature control for idea 9.

PART 2 - Novel
Part A:
For second part of the assignment, I went on to the Amazon and google image to do a benchmark for my product ideas. In order to compare the closest product to my own product ideas, I did a 2x2 diagram on each of the ideas.

Idea 2: Hands Warmer Glove
My idea of the hands warmer glove was to develop gloves that would heats up entirely. When I searched for the keywords, the closest products I ended up were gloves with attachment of heating pads. There were gloves that had a layer for users to insert the heating pad in, and also a USB heating pad that came with gloves, which was only useful if there was a laptop for the USB to be plugged in.

1. benchmark - hands warmer glove.jpg

Idea 4: Invisible Heating Pad
The heating pads I found were mostly pads that you held in hand or bigger pads that were electrical generated for you to use at home. But my ideas were to having the heating pad somehow sticks to the user's body to keep users warm.

2. benchmark - invasible heating pad.jpg

Idea 6: All-in-one coat
The purpose of my all-in-one coat idea was to get the most coverage with a single coat. I was looking for a coat that would have double layers of hoodie, in which the inner hoodie would be used to protect the users' ears, a face mask, and gloves attached to the end of the sleeve. As a result, I did not find a one that fits exactly with my idea, so I ended up pulling some closest ones onto the graph.

3. benchmark - all in one coat.jpg

Idea 8: Pillow (stuffed animal) Coat
I was trying to find a coat that would fold itself into a stuffed animal (pillow), and when it was unzipped and unfold, the stuffed animal would be a decoration on the back of the coat. The closest thing I found was a cushion that would fold itself into a plush animals toy.

4. benchmark - pillow coat.jpg

Idea 9: Heating Coat
I was surprised when I found out that both Gerbing and Columbia had produced a thermal jacket that provided heat to the users. But the prices for both brands were pretty high. I also found a hand-made thermal heating system on a jacket, which I believed cost way more cheaper.

5. benchmark - heating coat.jpg

Part B:
For part B of the second part, I used Google patent to search for existing patents that were similar to my product ideas.

Idea 2: Hands Warmer Gloves
(US4535482 A) Heated Glove:
a heated glove utilizing a hand warmer is provided and consists of an inner layer of insulated material, a middle layer of waterproof material and an outer layer of leather material. The inner layer has a sealable top pocket to hold the hand warmer and five ducts for allowing heat to travel from the hand warmer to top of each finger tip of the hand.

Idea 4: Invisible Heating Pad

(US5476492 A) Body warmer for therapeutic purposes containing whole herb seed:
a method of enhancement of body heat production by application of whole seed of rubefacient mustard herbs of the Brassica genus and of herbs classified in the botanical family Cruciferae, in an anelastic breathable and pliable shell, whereby a balance between enhanced body heat production induced by whole seed of rubefacient herbs and heat dissipation is established, providing a steady warming effect without excessive heat build-up. A body warmer using the above method, comprising a shell of anelastic breathable and pliable material, divided into chambers containing whole seed of rubefacient herbs, and means of attachment to keep the warmer in place in desired area of human body.

Idea 6: All-in-one Coat
(US5953758 A) Long-sleeved garment with pocketed sleeves for hand warming and storage:
pockets placed into or onto the sleeves of a long-sleeved garment for warming or protecting of hands. A pocket is disposed on each sleeve in the area of the forearm so that an individual can easily insert his or her right hand into the left sleeve pocket and correspondingly, insert his or her left hand into the right sleeve pocket. A closure device may be added to one or both pockets for the storage of loose items. In addition, the pockets can be turned inside out allowing the individual to insert his or her right hand into the right pocket and his or her left hand into the left pocket from within each respective sleeve. When used in this fashion, the pockets can be shaped in the form of mittens or other glove-like form so that the individual can use his or her hands while still keeping them warm and protected.

Idea 8: Pillow (stuffed animal) Coat
(US6275993 B1) Cushion convertible to a poncho:
a cushion includes a flexible body and a zipper. The flexible body is formed from a moisture repellent shell and a lining that can be folded and retained by closure of the zipper to form the cushion. A handle is attached to the cushion for easy conveyance. The flexible body also includes an opening releasable sealable by a zipper and a hood stowed in a pocket. When the flexible body is unfolded, the cushion is convertible to a poncho configuration by placing the head of the individual through the opening. In addition, the hood may be removed from the pocket and worn by the individual.

Idea 9: Heating Coat
(US7230206 B1) Battery operated heated jacket:
a battery operated heated jacket, with removable body and sleeves and hood, the jacket with a removable liner, the liner further detachable from itself at the attachment of the sleeves and the hood, the attachment comprised of quick connects, the jacket comprised of a pocket containing a control box, the box containing a microprocessor, power source, heating controls, and media player, the hood comprised of earphones communicating with the media player, a detachable wire connecting the media player to the headphones.

PART 3 - Feasible
Idea 2: Hands Warmer Gloves
My main concern would be how do I even make a glove with an auto-heating and auto-cooling technology, it sounded not that feasible and might cost a lot.
The biggest concern for this design would be how to make a temperature sensitive gloves that would auto heat itself in a cold weather.
Since the gloves I researched on were mostly $13 or $14, I guessed that the manufacturing cost for gloves itself would be around $1. And if I would assume that my gloves were running at AA cell battery, the price of an AA battery was about $1.50. I then assumed that the manufacturing cost of AA battery would be $0.15. In total, the manufacturing cost of my hands warmer gloves would be $1.15.

Idea 4: Invisible Heating Pad
my concern for this idea was to think how to make the pad sticky to the human skin.
One product on my benchmark had a cost of $8, the ideas was very similar to my product idea but with shorter life-span and cannot be reused. The estimation of my manufacturing cost would be around $1.20.

Idea 6: All-in-one Coat
Concern for this would be how to make it less expensive to manufacture, it sounded there are a lot to put on and might not be efficient to manufacture if I want to sell it for lower price.
A similar coat cost about $50, which meant $5 would be manufacturing cost of the coat. I was thinking to go for the market that was between $20 and $50, my estimation for my manufacturing cost would then be around $2 - $4.5

Idea 8: Pillow (stuffed animal) Coat
My concern for this would be how to fully convert the coat into an pillow (stuffed animal), how would the actual coat be constructed.
Since the coat was designed for kids, the amount of fabric being used in this case wouldn't be much. And with zipper and fabric, the manufacturing cost would be around $2 - $3.

Idea 9: Heating Coat
The technology would be my biggest concern. I want to make it not as expensive as the one that's already existing, but it's hard to make one with low manufacturing cost.
If the coat would generate heat with AA cell battery, the estimated cost of manufacturing would be around $6 - $7



Very nice job on assignment 6, you were very thorough on all parts. I really liked how you added more detail and color to your products before sending them out for evaluation. I am sure that this helped people to perceive even greater value in your products.

I am glad that you presented all of your data but it was difficult to interpret easily. By using a more visual graph, the data would have been more easily understood.

I thought you did a good job with the 2x2s because you showed a wide variety of products in the market and where your product would fit in. In the section on patents though, I wanted to see the patent number or the patent name listed.

Your section on costing seemed accurate to me, I am glad that you used other products to help benchmark the cost of your product.



this is probably the best entry I have seen on this subject. I found the sketches very helpful and the colour helped me visualize them even better. I think it is safe to say you did well in 3702.
I Found the ides you came up with also very useful, and had a large personal attachment to the Pokemon product.
The one thing I found a bit cluttered was the data after the sketches. That I feel that could be strengthened with some cleaning up.
The 2x2s were fantastic though, having not only actual pictures but numbers as well. Also having multiple items made it easier to see where your opportunity would be.
I would have liked to see a bit more in depth analysis of the estimated cost, but overall This blog was very solid and did a great job of conveying your ideas

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