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RDA Cafe on Facebook

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Check out RDA Cafe on Facebook:

RDA Cafe

"RDA Cafe is a group for library and information science students and professional catalog librarians. It's a place to discuss Resource Description and Access, share resources, and get the latest news. This is an unofficial group, and it is not owned by JSC for Development of RDA."

RDA -- UL wiki site

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Resource Description and Access (RDA), the new cataloging standard, was published in June 2010, and is intended to replace AACR2. Throughout the fall national libraries in the US (including NLM) will conduct a trial of RDA and decide around March 2011 whether or not to adopt it.

The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, libraries are contributing records, as informal participants. The Technical Services department has also created this RDA wiki page with links to the tool kit and other information. Please review the resources on this site since it is important to familiarize yourself with RDA its approach to cataloging.

our new blog

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I have created the HSL Technical Services News blog for our department to post dept. related articles, events, announcements, etc...

1. You can also link to the blog from the Technical Services page on the HSL staff wiki.

2. To post to the blog, click on the Feed the Blog link on the site. I've added HSL technical services staff as authors, so you'll authenticate using your X.500 ID and password.



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