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RDA study group

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The RDA study group holds its last meeting of the year this Thursday,
December 16, from 2 to 3 p.m. in S30B Wilson.

We're now up to 18 pages of records and annotations! You can read them


Shifting Sands: Science Researchers on Google Scholar, Web of Science, and PubMed, with Implications for Library Collections Budgets

link to free full text:


Science researchers at the University of California Santa Cruz were surveyed about their article database use and preferences in order to inform collection budget choices. Web of Science was the single most used database, selected by 41.6%. Statistically there was no difference between PubMed (21.5%) and Google Scholar (18.7%) as the second most popular database. 83% of those surveyed had used Google Scholar and an additional 13% had not used it but would like to try it. Very few databases account for the most use, and subject-specific databases are used less than big multidisciplinary databases (PubMed is the exception). While Google Scholar is favored for its ease of use and speed, those who prefer Web of Science feel more confident about the quality of their results than do those who prefer Google Scholar. When asked to choose between paying for article database access or paying for journal subscriptions, 66% of researchers chose to keep journal subscriptions, while 34% chose to keep article databases.

Open Knowledge Foundation Blog

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Interesting articles on Open Knowledge Foundation Blog

Open Bibliographic Data: How Should the Ecosystem Work?

guest post from John Wilkin, Executive Director of the HathiTrust, a Librarian at the University of Michigan and a member of the OKF's Working Group on Open Bibliographic Data.

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