Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal.jpgBoth women and men are turning to Laser Hair Removal as a more effective means to permanently remove hair. So let's spend a little time and look at the pricing and cost, popular reviews and side effects of the most popular brands of hair removers.

Personal laser hair removal systems for home use have realized dramatic improvements over the past few years. Advancements in electronics (specifically micro-electronics) haves put the laser hair remover in a smaller package at a lower price than ever before. The new models are also lighter and easier to handle providing results equal to or better than professionally applied laser treatments. The price of a personal hair laser hair remover is between $200 and $1000 depending on the specific accessories you need.

Like most products, laser hair removers come in many styles. We reviewed the three most popular which are Tria, Silk n and No No. All of these remove hair through the same process of heating the hair follicle repeatedly which eventually inhibits the follicle from producing hair. This will result in permanent hair removal. The Tria is a true diode laser. The high intensity light from the laser penetrates the skin to act on the hair follicle. Lasers work on the melanin in the follicle so they work best on those with light skin and dark hair. Like the Tria, the Silk n uses high intensity light to generate heat that acts on the hair follicle. The difference is that it uses a xenon flash tube as opposed to a laser. It also works best on light skined dark haired users. Lastly is the No No. It use a totally new and different method known as Thermicon Heat Technology. The Thermicon technology of the No No uses a micro filament that actually touches the hair and transmits heat down the hair shaft to the follicle.The end result is the same of follicle inhibition. The benefit of the No No is that it can be used on any skin or hair tone.

Side effects most often associated with laser hair removal are a tingling sensation during use and possible discomfort after use. After treatment, some users report a sunburn like feel and redness of the skin. The side effects can usually be eliminated by adjusting the hair remover to a lower level. Both types of hair removers that use high intensity light (Tria & Silk n) are adjustable for this purpose. As the No No does not contact the skin, there is no discomfort during or after use.

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