Researchers Find Evidence E-Cig Is Safer Than Tobacco

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Ecig Smoker.jpgThe Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) has completed a study concluding the electronic cigarette is safer than tobacco cigarettes when used properly. They also concluded the new smoking replacement device could be of major importance in reducing morbidity and mortality related to cigarette smoking and tobacco use.

The BUSPH study, published in the Journal of Public Health Policy, is the first comprehensive scientific analysis of the health effects associated with the e-cig said Dr. Michael Siegel Associate Chairman Community Health Services. The personal vaporizer is intended to give the user a dose of inhaled nicotine without the toxins and carcinogens associated with tobacco.

The report completed by BUSPH concluded the level of chemicals found in the e-cig do not pose any health concerns for the user. The report also states that further clinical study is warranted to completely assess how the nicotine only vapor effects the user in the long term. The BUSPH article examined a compilation of clinical studies identifying the components within the nicotine fluid (e-liquid) used in the electronic cigarette and found the level of toxins to be 1000 times less than traditional cigarettes.

The smokeless cigarette has been in a constant battle with the FDA since its introduction in 2005. The FDA asserts they are a drug delivery device and should be regulated as such calling for their immediate withdrawal from the consumer market. Opponents say that removing the ecig form the public market would only push its users back to traditional cigarettes and tobacco and this would only benefit the big tobacco companies.

Last December, the Federal Court of Appeals struck down the FDA's attempt to regulate ecigs. The court said e-cigarettes should be considered nicotine replacement therapy, like nicotine gum or patches, and not labeled as drug delivery devices. Currently, the FDA is appealing this verdict.

Whatever the final outcome, it is clear we currently know more about the ingredients contained in the electronic cigarette that we do about those in tobacco. We also know that ecigs are very successful at suppressing nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Until proven otherwise, it only makes sense to allow use of the ecig as all evidence points to a reduction in adverse health effects.

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