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Smokeless Cigarette Fact VS Fiction

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ecigaretteuser.jpgAlthough smokeless cigarettes have been around since 2008, there are still misconceptions concerning their safety, legality, target market etc. Let's take a few minutes to examine the most common myths associated with electronic cigarettes.

1) What's in e-cigarettes? Are they unhealthy?

Ecigs use a solution known as e-liquid to produce the nicotine containing vapor. E liquid is pure glycol and nicotine both of which are considered safe when used as directed. The only thing added is a flavor if you choose one. The important thing to remember is that all eliquid is not the same. Make sure the liquid you buy is composed of pharmaceutical grade glycol and nicotine.

2) Some E-Cigs contain anti-freeze.

This misconception began when the FDA tested the liquid from 2 companies. In short, 1 sample of the many tested contained a minute amount of DEG (diethylene glycol) a component found in some antifreeze brands. DEG is toxic and should not be consumed by humans. Pharmaceutical grade e-liquid contains no impurities and its components (glycol & nicotine) are considered safe for human consumption. Again, it is good advice to buy your eliquid from a reputable seller.

3) The FDA tried to ban ecigs because they are dangerous.

There are many theories as to why the FDA tried to ban electronic cigarettes. Pressure from the tobacco lobby, influence from various tax authorities and pharmaceutical companies have all been presented as possible reasons the FDA attempted to halt the sales of electric cigarettes. Whatever the reason, their attempt to ban sales of e-smokes failed and they are now legal in the USA and many other countries.

4) Smoke Free E-Cigarettes are marketed to minors.

This in fact is against the law. Just like alcohol, there is a minimum age required to purchase e-cigs, liquid and accessories. We can assume some under age individuals will find ways to acquire e smokes but all legitimate vendors make every effort to assure no products are sold to anyone under 18 years of age.

5) Ecig vendors are introducing nicotine to non-smokers.

There are no studies to suggest that non-smokers are using the e-cigarette as a source of nicotine. On the contrary, vendors report they sell large volumes of nicotine free e-liquid to this user group.

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Now that you've decided to try the newest generation of electronic cigarettes, your next choice will be whether you need a PCC kit or a Starter kit. Which ever you choose will depend mostly on how much you smoke and where you plan to use your e-cig. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of both types of kits.

electronic cigarette starter kit75.jpgA starter kit is exactly what it sounds like. A kit designed with everything you need to get started "vaping". It will include an atomizer, battery, cartridge and a small supply of e-liquid

The important thing to consider is that all starter kits are not the same. Some include extra atomizers, batteries, cartridges or liquid. Some kits even include different types of chargers and adapters. When shopping for a starter kit, keep this in mind and be careful about price shopping. The lower priced kits will always contain the fewest extras and accessories. It's generally less expensive to buy the extras you want in a kit form as opposed to buying individual parts. Most reputable vendors of smokeless cigarettes will even put together a kit that contains the extras you want for a discounted price.

PCC Kit 7511.jpg PCC (Personal Charging Case) kits are designed for smokers who are away from a charging outlet for extended periods of time. This type of kit looks exactly like a pack of cigarettes. Inside the case, you can store everything for your personal vaping needs. The kit also acts as a battery charger. Typically, you charge the case once weekly and then recharge your batteries directly from your PCC. These are great for smokers who spend time traveling, outdoors or anywhere an outlet is hard to find. Newer PCC kits even have a battery meter on them to show how many charges are left in the unit.

Which ever unit you choose, keep in mind that you will always want with you a fresh battery and extra e-liquid.

If you go with a standard starter kit, as opposed to a PCC kit, there are small cases available to hold and carry your extra supplies. And remember to always keep you battery stored properly as it can short out if it touches metal objects like keys etc.

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How To Buy An Electronic Cigarette

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Girl e cig smoker.jpgThere are many important aspects of the electronic cigarette when comparing them to tobacco cigarettes. There is no 2nd hand smoke, they work on a nicotine containing liquid (e-liquid) that is available in many different strengths and flavors and by using one, you will no longer be inhaling toxins and dangerous chemicals.

Smokeless cigarettes look exactly like a normal cigarette and consist of 3 main components. The cartridge which which acts as the e-liquid reservoir, the atomizer which heats and vaporizes the e liquid for inhalation and the battery which powers the unit. All parts easily disassemble and are replaceable for just a few dollars. The life span of each part depends on the smoker but you can expect to get about 1-2 days per cartridge (replacement cost $1), 6 months to a year for an atomizer (replacement cost $8) and 6 months to a year for a rechargeable battery (replacement cost $10). I also want to mention that replacing cartridges is the easiest way to refill your ecig but you will save the most money by purchasing e-liquid re-filling your cartridge.

Smoke free cigarettes are either automatic or manually operated. With automatic models, when the user takes a draw through the ecig, the atomizer automatically senses the air flow and heats a small amount of e-liquid for inhalation. Manually operated models require the push of a button to activate the atomizer. Most users prefer the auto operated type as the manual style can be accidentally operated while carrying. Both models are made to shut off the unit if temperatures become too high so there is no danger of burning or fire. Inadvertently turning on the manual model will simply wear out the battery prematurely.

There are literally hundreds of sellers of electronic cigarettes on the internet. The problem is that only a small fraction of them sell authentic products designed to last a lifetime. The rest sell cheaply made knock-offs that have a life expectancy of 1-3 months. The cheapies look exactly like the originals but you can usually tell the fakes by their unusually low price.

Another thing potential buyers need to watch out for are the electric cigarette vendors who give away free e-cigs. These vendors will want to enroll you in their auto-ship program where they re-ship you over priced e-juice every month. You should NEVER sign up for any type of auto-refill program. Find a reputable seller and stick with them. This is the safest way to purchase your first starter kit and all of your replacement parts.

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