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Smoking And The Environment

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GreenGlobeHow many times have you discussed with friends or family the reasons they should quit smoking? Most smokers will tell you they want to quit or have even tried repeatedly with many smoking cessation products like NRT or Smokeless Cigarettes and failed. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, 81% of all smokers believe cigarettes to be very harmful and 76% want to quit but cannot.

But what about the 24% who don't want to quit? They will cite many reasons why but the response most often used is "Why should I quit? I'm not hurting anyone but myself." Now on the surface, this may sound like a reasonable answer. But after a little research, we find cigarette smoking is harmful not only to the smoker but has an extreme effect on the environment as well.

Would it surprise you to know that the main environmental issue associated with smoking is deforestation? Most people don't know that to produce the 15 billion cigarettes smoked daily worldwide, unimaginable numbers of trees are cut down. Paper and cardboard are used throughout the manufacturing process from picking the tobacco to packaging the cigarettes. In production facilities, a single cigarette machine can make 14,000 cigarettes each minute using 4 miles of paper per hour. Another way to look at it is every 1.5 cartons of cigarettes consumes 1 tree.

And if deforestation isn't enough, wait till you hear about the butts. Worldwide, after discarding those 15 million cigarettes each year, almost 2 billion pounds of them end up in lakes, streams and oceans. These butts are extremely difficult to biodegrade and each one takes almost 15 years to completely disintegrate. To make matters worse, there is the non-stop leaching of the toxic chemicals contained in the butts directly into the waters. In fact, the butt problem accounts for approximately 1/2 of all trash in most western countries

So when you get down to it, smoking is far from harmless whether you are a smoker or not. Even if we ignore 2nd hand smoke and the added healthcare costs associated with cigarettes, the environmental impact is truly astounding. So the next time someone tells you smoking only hurts the smoker, remind them we all have to live in this world, not just those who smoke.

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Smokeless Cigarette Fact VS Fiction

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ecigaretteuser.jpgAlthough smokeless cigarettes have been around since 2008, there are still misconceptions concerning their safety, legality, target market etc. Let's take a few minutes to examine the most common myths associated with electronic cigarettes.

1) What's in e-cigarettes? Are they unhealthy?

Ecigs use a solution known as e-liquid to produce the nicotine containing vapor. E liquid is pure glycol and nicotine both of which are considered safe when used as directed. The only thing added is a flavor if you choose one. The important thing to remember is that all eliquid is not the same. Make sure the liquid you buy is composed of pharmaceutical grade glycol and nicotine.

2) Some E-Cigs contain anti-freeze.

This misconception began when the FDA tested the liquid from 2 companies. In short, 1 sample of the many tested contained a minute amount of DEG (diethylene glycol) a component found in some antifreeze brands. DEG is toxic and should not be consumed by humans. Pharmaceutical grade e-liquid contains no impurities and its components (glycol & nicotine) are considered safe for human consumption. Again, it is good advice to buy your eliquid from a reputable seller.

3) The FDA tried to ban ecigs because they are dangerous.

There are many theories as to why the FDA tried to ban electronic cigarettes. Pressure from the tobacco lobby, influence from various tax authorities and pharmaceutical companies have all been presented as possible reasons the FDA attempted to halt the sales of electric cigarettes. Whatever the reason, their attempt to ban sales of e-smokes failed and they are now legal in the USA and many other countries.

4) Smoke Free E-Cigarettes are marketed to minors.

This in fact is against the law. Just like alcohol, there is a minimum age required to purchase e-cigs, liquid and accessories. We can assume some under age individuals will find ways to acquire e smokes but all legitimate vendors make every effort to assure no products are sold to anyone under 18 years of age.

5) Ecig vendors are introducing nicotine to non-smokers.

There are no studies to suggest that non-smokers are using the e-cigarette as a source of nicotine. On the contrary, vendors report they sell large volumes of nicotine free e-liquid to this user group.

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Smokeless Cigarette Benefits

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Smokeless cigarette girl.jpgLooking for a gift for my dad, I stumbled on to smokeless cigarettes. It's a totally unique & new way to enjoy smoking and get your dose of nicotine. It actually gives the feel and sensation of smoking with absolutely no smoke. INCREDIBLE! As there is no smoke, it is perfect for those who want to hit their cig without going outside and 50 feet away from the door. Best of all, you can use it just about anywhere. Airplanes, restaurants and even work are again 'Open Smoke Zones".

Smokeless cigarettes allow you to get your nicotine fix but produces none of the toxic second hand smoke so many users consider it a greener alternative to the cigarette. The absence of second hand smoke means your friends and family will no longer be exposed to the toxic by-products of your bad habit. They will immediately notice the difference. You can even smoke in the car with grandma again!

The electronic cigarette is refillable and rechargeable. Initially, you buy whats called a smokeless cigarette starter kit that includes everything you need to get started. It will have your ecig, battery, atomizer (produces the nicotine vapor), cartridge (is filled with nicotine liquid) and the nicotine fluid or e-liquid that is used to refill the cartridge. Precision micro-electronics can tell when someone takes a drag off the smoke and starts the atomizer to vaporize a small hit for you. Everything is safety controlled so the unit can't over-heat or give too big a hit (it shuts off after a specified time).

There are a huge number of accessories available to personalize and make using your smokeless cigarette easier. You can get a USB pass through which is basically an adapter to plug your ecig into any USB port. This is especially useful if you work in front of a computer. There are also custom skins to change the look of your electric cigarette and premium cases to make it fit your style. The e-liquid is available in various nicotine strengths (0mg to 50mg) and an incredible number of flavors. You can make your smoke taste like Marlboro, Winston, Camel etc. but you can also get fun flavors like Pina Colada and Strawberry!

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