Blank Monthly Workout and Weekly Meal Planners

I guess I can say I'm somewhat organized when it comes to meal and workout planning. :)  For the past year I've really relied on using my planners. Since most of us work full time plus, it's hard to make sure we eat right and exercise, and for me, when I write it all out, I seem to stick to it better!  I also feel it's such a relief when I get home at night that I already know what I'm (or my husband is) going to cook and all the ingredients are there. 

I'm going to share with you what I use to plan my weekly meals and monthly workouts (feel free to modify them for your needs) - they are in both Microsoft Word and PDF format and are blank so you can fill it in with your favorites.  Enjoy and happy planning!

Weekly Meal Schedule

Weekly Meal Schedule.doc
Weekly Meal Schedule.pdf

*Note: I plan out my meals every Sunday and base what's on sale at the grocery store and what already in my house, I then go shopping on Sunday/Monday to get everything I need for the week.  I then write down how many points supper will be then I know how many points I can spend throughout the day on other meals and snacks.  For those of you with picky kids (or other family members), I also make healthy modifications of what I/we eat (since I'm not a short order cook), in case there are too many spices or things "mixed together."

Monthly Work Out Schedule


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