Like Pizza? See Happy Joe's Nutritional Information and Point Values

Like to eat pizza and especially a local favorite...Happy Joe's?!  Originally, their nutritional information was not available on their website, so we went on a quest and got it through email a few months ago. Below are the calculated Weight Watcher's points for Happy Joe's Pizza:

happy joes.jpgLarge (15") Original Crust
Serving Size: 1 slice = 1/14 pizza

  • Cheese - 5pts/slice
    (fiber: 2, calories: 223, fat: 9)
  • Pepperoni - 6pts/slice
    (fiber: 2, calories: 248, fat: 12)
  • Sausage - 5pts/slice
    (fiber: 2, calories: 198, fat: 12)
  • Taco - 4pts/slice
    (fiber: 3, calories: 197, fat: 9)
Their "serving size" is what surprised me the most!  Who just eats one skinny slice of Happy Joes?!

If you order pan pizza, or want to know the rest of the Happy Joe's nutritional information, please see their website for more information!

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