Subway's New Light Breakfast Sandwich! 3-4 pts

Article taken from the weekly email newsletter...

Subway Goes Guilt-Free for Breakfast!

5120subwaybreakfastsandwich.jpgGOOD FOOD NEWS! Our pals at Subway are giving us all NEW low-cal BREAKFAST options: Egg White Muffin Melts! These new b-fast sandwiches are launching all over the U.S. on (or before) April 5th. Here's the scoop: Keep it classic with the Western, or dress up your egg whites and cheese with Black Forest Ham, Double Bacon, or Steak. Plus, like all Subway's stuff, you can customize it with your favorite veggies and sauces. (Jalapeños and honey mustard, anyone?) It comes sandwiched into a (!!!) light whole-wheat English muffin. It's basically the stuff our HG dreams are made of. Each Egg White Muffin Melt has 160 - 190 calories, 4 - 7g fat, 570 - 620mg sodium, 18 - 19g carbs, 5g fiber, 0 - 1g sugars, and 15 - 16g protein (POINTS® value 3 - 4*). And if egg whites alone don't do it for you, get the with-yolk version for an extra 20 - 30 calories and 2.5 - 3g fat. (Must be a small yolk.) Not bad!

I know I'm excited to try these and the Crookston Subway should have (or will have) these sandwiches soon - as they are advertised in the store and coupons are being given out with any current sub purchase!  Leave a comment here and let us know what you think (it hopefully will be a great alternative to all the other fast-food breakfast sandwiches).


Weight watchers has something similar in the frozen sections and they are really good.

P.S.Amber I looked for the recipe on the chicken salad sandwich you had today and could not find it...can you post it on the blob?
Thanks Kristie

I actually tried this sandwich a month ago and they were very good. I think they told me you can get them anytime during the day.

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