Member's Favorite Foods

Some of Kristie's Favorites

Wheat Bagel Thins (I found them at Sam's)
Serving size 1 whole bagel
Cal 110
Fat 1
Fiber 5

Points value 1

Skinny Cow ice cream bars
Cal 140
Fat 1.5
Fiber 3

Points value 2

Fiber One Yogurt
0 points

Terri's Favorite Thing to Grill

Chicken Sausage w/Sundried Tomato Provolone Cheese Flatout Wraps
  • Grill Member's Mark Gourmet Sundried Tomato with Provolone Cheese, Chicken Sausage - 3 pts/ea (found at Sam's)
  • Whole Grain Flatout Bread (found at Walmart) - 1 pt/each (she uses half for .5 pt)
Points Value 3.5 - 4pts

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