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5 restaurant salads that are worse than a Whopper

This is a great clip from August 18, 2010 TODAY show... (thanks Bill for sharing!)

Think just because it's called a salad it has to be healthy? Think again. Men's Health magazine editor David Zinczenko turns the spotlight on five fast-food salads that pack just as many calories as a mega-burger meal.

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Member's Favorite Foods

Some of Kristie's Favorites

Wheat Bagel Thins (I found them at Sam's)
Serving size 1 whole bagel
Cal 110
Fat 1
Fiber 5

Points value 1

Skinny Cow ice cream bars
Cal 140
Fat 1.5
Fiber 3

Points value 2

Fiber One Yogurt
0 points

Terri's Favorite Thing to Grill

Chicken Sausage w/Sundried Tomato Provolone Cheese Flatout Wraps
  • Grill Member's Mark Gourmet Sundried Tomato with Provolone Cheese, Chicken Sausage - 3 pts/ea (found at Sam's)
  • Whole Grain Flatout Bread (found at Walmart) - 1 pt/each (she uses half for .5 pt)
Points Value 3.5 - 4pts

Subway's New Light Breakfast Sandwich! 3-4 pts

Article taken from the weekly email newsletter...

Subway Goes Guilt-Free for Breakfast!

5120subwaybreakfastsandwich.jpgGOOD FOOD NEWS! Our pals at Subway are giving us all NEW low-cal BREAKFAST options: Egg White Muffin Melts! These new b-fast sandwiches are launching all over the U.S. on (or before) April 5th. Here's the scoop: Keep it classic with the Western, or dress up your egg whites and cheese with Black Forest Ham, Double Bacon, or Steak. Plus, like all Subway's stuff, you can customize it with your favorite veggies and sauces. (Jalapeños and honey mustard, anyone?) It comes sandwiched into a (!!!) light whole-wheat English muffin. It's basically the stuff our HG dreams are made of. Each Egg White Muffin Melt has 160 - 190 calories, 4 - 7g fat, 570 - 620mg sodium, 18 - 19g carbs, 5g fiber, 0 - 1g sugars, and 15 - 16g protein (POINTS® value 3 - 4*). And if egg whites alone don't do it for you, get the with-yolk version for an extra 20 - 30 calories and 2.5 - 3g fat. (Must be a small yolk.) Not bad!

I know I'm excited to try these and the Crookston Subway should have (or will have) these sandwiches soon - as they are advertised in the store and coupons are being given out with any current sub purchase!  Leave a comment here and let us know what you think (it hopefully will be a great alternative to all the other fast-food breakfast sandwiches).

Alexia Foods

The Alexia Foods product line that was discussed at today's meeting, particularly the organic Oven Crinkle fries (1 pt / 13 fries) and the Whole Grain Bread Roll (1 pt per roll that you can dip in olive oil and spices, but you'll need to add the extra points if you use the oil).  You might be interested in finding out more about the different types of foods they have and nutritional values, along with some recipes.

I'm not sure if any stores in Crookston carry this line, but Mary Lou said that Target has them. - Another Great Weight Loss Resource!

Thumbnail image for hungry-girl-logo1.jpgI subscribe to the daily email newsletter.  She sends out great recipe, "eat this not that" ideas, etc.  Check it out!  She also has cookbooks available for purchase. - Another favorite Recipe Go-To!

I quite frequently use to plan my meals and find new recipes.  They have a ton of what I call "real" recipes - using everyday ingredients!  I also have signed up for their email newsletter (and have a paid subscription to their beautiful printed "Food and Family" cookbook).  They even have an iPhone/iPod Touch and Blackberry app (99 cents) - for those that need ideas on the go (or for others with phones & data plans - view the mobile site)!

kraft_logo.gifMain site:

Healthy Recipe Section:

Sign-up for the Email Newsletter:

iFood Assistant (for iPhone/iPod Touch and Blackberry):

Mobile site for phones with data plans:

I also take their regular recipes and make them lighter - use light, fat-free or whole grains when possible.  With Weight Watchers e-tools, you can enter your own recipes into the "creating your own recipes" section, but many of the kraftfoods recipes already have nutrition facts on them too (note: if you start substituting ingredients you'll want to double check the points values).

There's lots of fun ideas, weekly meal planners, etc on this site! Explore it when you have some extra time.

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