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5 restaurant salads that are worse than a Whopper

This is a great clip from August 18, 2010 TODAY show... (thanks Bill for sharing!)

Think just because it's called a salad it has to be healthy? Think again. Men's Health magazine editor David Zinczenko turns the spotlight on five fast-food salads that pack just as many calories as a mega-burger meal.

View the video >>>
cspi.gifFollow the watchdog group CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest)!

About CSPI
Its award-winning newsletter, Nutrition Action Healthletter, with some 900,000 subscribers in the United States and Canada, is the largest-circulation health newsletter in North America.

Founded by executive director Michael Jacobson, Ph.D. and two other scientists, CSPI carved out a niche as the organized voice of the American public on nutrition, food safety, health and other issues during a boom of consumer and environmental protection awareness in the early 1970s. CSPI has long sought to educate the public, advocate government policies that are consistent with scientific evidence on health and environmental issues, and counter industry's powerful influence on public opinion and public policies.

Tips for Dining Out On a Diet

Dine Out on a Diet: Your Restaurant Survival Guide
Worried that eating out will wreck your diet? Use Fitness Magazine's 5 simple strategies to dine with no reservations.

The 30 Worst Fast-Food Restaurant Choices
Reader beware: the 30 unhealthiest choices at fast-food restaurant chains -- and the healthier substitutions you can make to avoid the calorie bomb.

The Best Fast-Food Salads
Looking for a fast lunch? Here, is Fitness Magazines's quick picks for the healthiest drive-thru salads at McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell and more.

Walk. Polk County - Challenge Yourself, Challenge a Friend

PCPH_smalllogo.gifWalk. Bike. Run. Mow. Trim. Rake. Jog. Exercise.
Swim. Karate. Build. Jump. Swing. Clean. Hop. Skip.

Walk. Polk County
June 1 - July 15, 2010

Everyone has been hearing about how important it is to get out and move, exercise, and get fit. It helps our body and mind...and our children for their future. We would like to CHALLENGE you to WALK. Polk County this summer.

By moving your body each day, you can improve your overall health and reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other illnesses.

Regular exercise:
  • increases energy & endurance
  • slows the aging process
  • reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • builds and maintains healthy muscles, bones and joints
  • improves your sleep
  • improves mental activity
If these reasons aren't do CASH PRIZES sound?

$20 cash prizes will be awarded to several participants from community sponsorships.

One prize will be give out on June 22 - this will be drawn from the registrations postmarked by June 15.

The remaining prizes will be drawn on July 27 from those that return a map / tracking sheet postmarked by July 20.

To learn more or to register and download the map - please visit their website - and click on "Walk Polk County".

Questions Contact:
Tammy Conn

Eat This, Not That: Summer Edition

from Bill...

Find out which indulgences are beach-body friendly and which you should avoid altogether.
By the Editors of Men's Health
Our 13 week total is 484.5 pounds!!! 

That's awesome!  We have 4 weeks left - let's shoot for a goal of 600 lbs by June 1 (that's roughly another 30 lbs per week as a group)!

Don't Forget! Weight Watchers Potluck
Don't forget the Weight Watcher's potluck on Tuesday, May 25th.  Be thinking of something "healthy" to share (and don't forget copies of your recipes - if you use one!).

Do you know of others that are interested in joining?
Also encourage others that are thinking of joining to do so this summer or next fall!  Weight Watchers will take the total cost of the program and divide it into 3 payments (summer - 12 weeks - $144 total - three checks written for $48 ...or... fall - 17 weeks - $186 - three checks written for $62 each.) Or you can use your $186 from this past spring reimbursement and apply it towards your summer or fall registration...or new clothes!  Note: The reimbursement from the U is not available for the summer session, but will be for next fall and spring sessions (to be eligible for reimbursement, you must be a U faculty, staff member, or significant other of a faculty/staff member that is enrolled in the U health insurance plan and attend 14 of the 17 sessions.

Fall 2010 registration will be announced later this your email for details!  If anyone has questions about registration on the Crookston campus - please have them email or call me - or 218-281-8379. 

Pudgy Pets: A Real Problem?!

I thought this was a good article that appeared in one of the latest Hungry Girl e-Newsletters.  I know I have a pet that needs to shed a few pounds, and now that we are learning how to eat better and exercise, it's time to do the same thing for our pets (and if you pet is capable - it's a fun thing together - like go walking, running, playing frisbee/ball, etc.).

5213fatcat2.jpgThe term "obesity epidemic" has been thrown around for years. And unfortunately, it's now being applied to our pets. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (bet you didn't even know that group existed!) monitors the weight of dogs and cats in America. Sadly, APOP has come to some upsetting conclusions: According to last year's data, more than 45 percent of dogs and 58 percent of cats in the U.S. are too heavy; about 9 percent of dogs and 21 percent of cats are CLINICALLY OBESE. Whoa. We love our furry kids! Experts say pet treats are enemy number one. Does this mean that instead of giving them treats with reckless loving abandon, we should be cutting off their snack supply!?! Well, if we want our animal friends to be around for a long time, we do need to pay attention to their weight. Check out APOP's website for loads of info: Find out your pet's caloric needs (the amount might be WAY less than you think), the 411 on how many calories are in popular pet food and treats, telltale signs of an overweight pet, and more.

Have an iPod? Try Nike+ and/or iControl Watch

When I go running (or you can use these if you are a walker), I love to attach my iPod Touch and listen to my workout playlists (it definitely keeps me motivated and free from boredom).  I also love to use my Nike+ in conjunction with my Timex Ironman iControl watch.  Let me tell you a little about each!

Nike +
Grab your iPod nano, iPod touch, or iPhone 3GS, a pair of Nike+ shoes, and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit or Sensor. Put the sensor in your Nike+ shoe -- there's a built-in pocket specifically designed for it under the insole (or you can cut out a section of your current/favorite shoes or you can buy a pouch). Then connect the receiver to your iPod nano. iPod touch and iPhone 3GS include built-in support for Nike + iPod, so no receiver is necessary. The sensor tracks your run, then sends the data to your iPod.


Check out the Nike + iPod menu and choose how you want to run. You can use custom workout shortcuts to start your favorite workouts quickly. Try the open-ended workout or select one with time, distance, or calorie goals. Then pick your favorite playlist, shuffle songs, or choose Nike-created Sport Music. You can even program a Power Song to play when you need instant motivation.

As you run, your iPod or iPhone 3GS tells you your time, distance, pace, and calories burned. And it gives you feedback at the halfway point and in the final lead-up to your goal. You can also see the details of your workout on your iPod or iPhone 3GS.

Where can I purchase Nike +?
You can typically purchase a Nike + sensor at any athletic or electronics store, such as Best Buy, that sells iPods and iPod accessories for about $25-$29. You can also purchase Nike + shoes at any athletics store...just look for the description to say "Nike + compatible" - the shoes aren't typically any more expensive than others.  Again, if you do not like the Nike brand shoe - you can always purchase a pouch (search online for "nike + pouch") for your Nike + sensor.

Learn more about Nike + through Apple >>>
Learn more about Nike + through Nike >>>

* Photo taken from

Timex Ironman iControl Watch

W66-0008-call01-ro.jpgI love my Timex Ironman iControl Watch.  Not only is it a sport watch and comes in many fun colors, but it also wirelessly controls my iPod Touch (volume control, advance songs, play/pause) while I'm running.  What's nice about having this watch is that you do not have to stop and try and control your iPod, you can do it on the fly by pressing a button on the watch - it just keeps me going!

This watch is compatible with iPod 5th generation (video); iPod Nano 2nd generation (aluminum) 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB; iPod 5th generation (video) 60GB and 80GB; iPod Nano 1st generation 1GB, 2GB, 4GB; and the iphone and iPod touch.

Prices range from $25 - $89 - so shop around for the best price! :)

* Photo taken from

Want to train for a 5K or 10K?

With the Fargo Marathon rolling around in about 5 weeks (May 22nd), some of you may have already signed up for the 5K, 10K or even the all out marathon (if you haven't, and are still interested, be a part of 20,000! -, you'll want to start training now!  Don't forget about the annual Ox Cart Days Run the 3rd weekend in August too - 2 mile fun run/walk or the 10K (!

Here are some great references to begin your training!

5K Training
Beginner 5 K Training Plan

10K Training

If you don't feel that any of these programs will work for you, try googling or binging (whatever search engine your prefer) "train for a 5K" or "train for a 10K"....there are endless results!

Olive Garden Point Values

5153olivegardenlogo.jpgWho doesn't like Olive Garden?!  The latest Hungry Girl e-newsletter featured some of Olive Garden's appetizers, main entrees and dessert POINT values - some may shock you (in good and bad ways)!  You can also view Olive Garden's nutritional values for all their food on their website!

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