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5 restaurant salads that are worse than a Whopper

This is a great clip from August 18, 2010 TODAY show... (thanks Bill for sharing!)

Think just because it's called a salad it has to be healthy? Think again. Men's Health magazine editor David Zinczenko turns the spotlight on five fast-food salads that pack just as many calories as a mega-burger meal.

View the video >>>

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Green Mill & Applebee's Points Values

Kristie Jacobsen loves to eat out, and when she goes, she tries to go one of two places (since she's already done the math on favorite meals) - Applebee's or Green Mill.  Here are some of her favorite dishes and links to the restaurant's nutritional information.

Green Mill

Green Mill.jpgThai Chicken Salad
Cal 345
Fat 10
Fiber 6

Points Value 7

Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad
Cal 365
Fat 7
Fiber 14

Points Value 7

Low-Calorie Chicken Pizza (serving size: whole pizza)
Cal 520
Fat 12
Fiber 9

Points value 11

See the rest of the Green Mill's menu (only some items have nutritional info) >>>

(includes sides) as per their website

Asiago Peppercorn Steak
Cal 390
Fat 6
Fiber 5

Point Value 8

Spicy Shrimp Diavolo
Cal 500
Fat 3.5
Fiber 12

Point Value 9

Grilled Dijon Chicken & Portobello
Cal 450
Fat 6
Fiber 6

Point Value 9

Grilled Shrimp & Island Rice
Cal 380
Fat 1
Fiber 6

Point Value 7

Asian Crunch Salad
Cal 490
Fat 1
Fiber 7

Point value 9

See the rest of the Applebee's menu >>>
See Applebee's Nutritional Information (PDF) >>>

Olive Garden Point Values

5153olivegardenlogo.jpgWho doesn't like Olive Garden?!  The latest Hungry Girl e-newsletter featured some of Olive Garden's appetizers, main entrees and dessert POINT values - some may shock you (in good and bad ways)!  You can also view Olive Garden's nutritional values for all their food on their website!

The 19 worst drive-thru foods in America

Bill Tyrrell found this really interesting article from the Today Show about the "19 worst drive-thru foods in America".  Something worth checking if you like to eat out...

Like to eat pizza and especially a local favorite...Happy Joe's?!  Originally, their nutritional information was not available on their website, so we went on a quest and got it through email a few months ago. Below are the calculated Weight Watcher's points for Happy Joe's Pizza:

happy joes.jpgLarge (15") Original Crust
Serving Size: 1 slice = 1/14 pizza

  • Cheese - 5pts/slice
    (fiber: 2, calories: 223, fat: 9)
  • Pepperoni - 6pts/slice
    (fiber: 2, calories: 248, fat: 12)
  • Sausage - 5pts/slice
    (fiber: 2, calories: 198, fat: 12)
  • Taco - 4pts/slice
    (fiber: 3, calories: 197, fat: 9)
Their "serving size" is what surprised me the most!  Who just eats one skinny slice of Happy Joes?!

If you order pan pizza, or want to know the rest of the Happy Joe's nutritional information, please see their website for more information!

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