December 25, 2004

Your Simple Christmas List

For Christmas, all you wanted was: one perfect person to love you (blonde), two babies that adored you and were completely and totally dependent on everything about you (male), a new toaster oven (chrome), a pair of gloves for your big trip up north next month (black), a 12" John Holmes dildo that vibrates (purple), new tits (cream white), a one year subscription to The Weekly Standard (N/A), and a father and mother that you didn't hate as much as you found yourself hating the ones you currently owned.

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December 8, 2004

You had never licked an asshole before... or let anyone cum in your mouth. You thought that was disgusting. Ew, gross, you thought. Ew, fucking gross, you thought, shuddering to yourself.

But there's something about him. Something that makes you forget what you thought was gross; what you thought was good; what you thought was wrong.

Posted by albu0009 at 7:29 PM