February 2, 2005

You think a little differently.

1) You want to build a tunnel through the earth, to China, and are sure it can be done, if enough time and resources are put into the project.

2) You collect used tampons from public restrooms.

3) For Christmas, you bought your parents a one-year subscription to Barely Legal and Penthouse Forum.

4) You think that there is hope for yourself, and you can make it--you can really be somebody--really make a difference. Change lives.

Yes, you are a strange one.

Posted by albu0009 at 6:41 AM

February 1, 2005

Fuck. I mean, fuck, you said.

Do you ever feel like this is it--like this is all there is and you might as well give up trying? you said.

All the time, so what, I said back. All the fucking time, so does everyone, so what, I said. You were cleaning the dirt from beneath your finger nails. I was picking a crumb of food out of my chest hair.

So why don't you ever try doing something about it? you asked.

Because I like it like this... all bland and tasteless.

You wondered if I noticed how fat you had become.

Posted by albu0009 at 6:00 AM