February 4, 2006

Sometimes you wish you had died in the fire with the rest of your family. Not very often. Most of the time you are grateful for still being alive. But sometimes on rare occassions, like when you miss your bus, or lose money in failed mult-level marketing schemes, or when your wife cannot give you an erection or yells at you for being an inconsiderate prick, you wonder if you would have been better off being consumed alive by a sea of flames, the wall of fire that ate your whole family--mother, father, two brothers, one sister--in one big hot bite. You furrow your brow and ask yourself how differently things might have been, had you not pushed them all down as you ran out the door, had you not locked the door behind you as you ran to safety. Then you think of something hot that turns you on and you are better. Good for you.

Posted by albu0009 at 7:44 AM