October 7, 2006

you see things

you see, there was this girl that had the smallest boobs in the world. so small that when she stood up straight they caved in on her. but to you they were beautiful. you see, there was a boy with a pin for a head, and when he laughed it sounded like that old sprint commercial where you could hear the pin drop on the table. god, did you find that sound brilliant. you see, there was a mother on the phone with her daughter, asking her how college is going, how her new boyfriend was, how were the dorms--is your roomate giving you trouble, is your C.A. still the fucking bitch she was since the last call two weeks ago?--how is life--is it still worth waking up for in the morning.

She sounded exhausted.

You see, there was this girl with a heart so big she had nowhere to wear it, and it eventually just shriveled up to normal size like the rest of us and eventually those big hopes and dreams shriveled up to, with the rest of us; and now when she wonders, she wonders small, she wonders about how much gasoline will be in the morning on the way to work, and if she can find a boy who she can stand long enough to marry, and if she can ever cum as hard as she did that first time with Steven when she was 17, and if she will be around tomorrow night to watch the last half of Lost or will she be stuck still at work stuck in overtime, and if she will have time to get the oil changed or will she have to wait until the next day when she has more time, and if her smile hurts too much to keep up, and if she keeps smiling so much will her face wrinkle and wear too fast for her age, and if she has time for friends or if friends are even worth much any more.

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