February 16, 2007

a poem to recite when remembering how to love freedom

freedom isn't free.
hundreds of people have died
over dozens of years,
protecting your freedom to shop.
let us never forget the
horrible events of 9/11,
the day that the stores closed down
and very few items were bought.

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a poem to have sex to while in your parents house that has thin walls.

be quiet.
shut the fuck up, i said.
(bed creaks)
(rhythmic pounding)
fuck. be quiet.
(rhythmic pounding)
(a moan from a woman)

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the size of your life.

you can find a quote from the bible to make yourself believe just about anything. after a few verses and chapters you almost actually convinced yourself to believe in god. how embarrassing.

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February 1, 2007

A Hard Language To Master

Sometimes it's easier to walk away from the scene of the crime.
It's hard to admit everything you've ever thought has been stupid and wrong.
Sometimes if you look at the words on a page of a book, you can see faces staring back at you.
It seems like we're always looking for meaning in the wrong places.
Sometimes I want to remember what it felt like to want to change.
You look at me differently these days, when we're alone.
Sometimes I pretend I didn't hear what you said when I know what you said.
It's hard to live up to how you see yourself in your head.

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