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Just as all rivers have a beginning, so does this blog. Six months ago I was hired as a water resource educator with the University of Minnesota - Extension, but supported with funding from the International Water Institute and North Dakota Extension. My work area is the entire Red River Valley of the North, at least the part in the U.S. As most everyone in the Valley should know, the Red flows north, ending its run in the waters of Lake Winnipeg.

Water in the Red River Valley is not always welcomed. Flooding takes its toll. We will always flood, that I know. The Red River winds north, like a serpent across a vast, flat lake bottom. The Red River is a young river, still carving out its path. When the flow becomes too great to hold within its banks, the flat topography allows the river to spread out, in many directions. Only dikes, levees and roads create barriers to the rivers movement. At this stage, no one wants the extra water and the goal is to get rid of it, quickly and efficiently. But the water connects us...moving along, one week our worry, the next week another communities concern, down river. We are all communities connected by the Red River and I hope that this blog creates awareness, understanding and collaboration for celebrating life along the river.

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