Assignment 2


I have started this assignment by watching three episodes of the simpsons.


After laughing on silly stuff for a while I started my mind map.

It was challenging at first because my "winter" experience is not very similar to minnesota winter! I never lived in such a cold place.
Therefore, I covered things I personally think fascinating about winter and not necessarily everything about winter.

photo 1.JPG

I tried to think of new concepts related to winter such as: colors and fabrics. It might be a little far away from the theme, but I decided to keep them and not use them as my sub themes.

I picked:


And here are my sketches of 10 ideas:

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 5.JPG

photo 11.JPG

photo 22.JPG

photo 33.JPG

photo 43.JPG

photo 55.JPG

photo 111.JPG

photo 2222.JPG


Overall great job on the assignment, and good layout on the post. To improve your layout I think you could include some descriptions in between the posts to try and improve the clarity of your ideas. Most were clear, but more elaboration wouldn't hurt communicating your idea to an outsider.

For your sketches, which were great by the way, I think you could have thought of the categories a bit less literally. Perhaps instead of only mittens, you could have thought of keeping things warm. This helps open up new possibilities. Otherwise it was a great post!

Hi Sarah!
I really liked your idea of having a giant mitten for multiple people. I laughed so hard about that one!! One thing that I think you can improve upon is related to your mind map. There are a lot of things that your wrote on there that are related in some way. You didn't seem to draw that many connections between some of the words you came up with even though they were related. Drawing more connections could help you come up with more unique, creative ideas. The more unexpected connections, the more interesting ideas.

I would have loved to see your feelings and ideas of the theme of winter reflected in your mind map. winter isn't always about snow and having a more global image on themes of 'winter' in different areas (if thats what you meant) would have been really interesting.

The exploration of mittens were really fun to look at. i found the group mitten really funny and interesting. i wish there was more descriptions of the other objects as well instead of one caption.

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