Assignment 3 (Mittens)


After living 22 years in Kuwait and 2 years in Richmond, VA wearing mittens and gloves were more of an accessory rather an essential to be warm!
I have been thinking and recalling the difference I experienced when I go shopping for gloves/mittens in the there cities I lived in (Kuwait, Richmond, and Minneapolis). When you shop for a pair of gloves in Kuwait, you would most likely find really "nice looking" gloves and mittens. They are usually knitted or leather. nothing very thick or waterproof!
In Richmond, you would find a "nice looking" pair of mitten, and you can also find the very thick, and water proof ones. However, when you shop at a department store like Macy's you would only find the simple, normal mittens.
After observing and looking for places to buy mittens in Minneapolis, I came to a conclusion that you can buy thick mittens anywhere!! even from CVS :)
Also, I wasn't aware of how much warmer your hands can get if you wear mittens rather than gloves before researching and asking a couple of people about why they prefer mittens rather than gloves.
After observing people use of mitten and gloves, I noticed the following:
-people wearing gloves do not mind keeping it when they are in a warmer area (bus), because they can use their phones.
-people wearing mittens tend to take them off as soon as they get to a warm place.

I have talked to few people on my bus ride about winter in Minneapolis and about their recommendation to me as a newbie here, and most of them advised me to invest in a really heavy coat, good boots, and mittens (not gloves).

Also, I was wearing my Texting Gloves (which I will talk about in a bit) and I got into the bus. It was so cold and I was rubbing my hands to feel warmer. A man sitting next to me said: "get a pair of mittens not gloves" (that was before this project) and his justification was that mittens tend to keep your hands warmer.

Another approach to explore further about the subject was interviewing.
In one of my interview questions, I asked the interviewees to talk about their favorite mitten/gloves, explain why is it their favorite, and send a picture of it to my email. Here are interesting feedbacks..

I have interviewed:

Ben Banna, a Ph.D. in Design student who had a background in fashion and merchandising for few years in London.


Lucia Weilein, mitten/gloves consumer

I tend to go through mittens/gloves quickly (if they aren't the thick versions, I tend to lose them or wear holes in them), so my favorites are usually cheap and short-lived. My parents gave me some fleece-lined, multicolored knitted gloves as a gift one year that feature a hole in the side of the thumb (for phone/iPod use) and a mitten flap that folds back to reveal fingerless gloves. They are my favorite because of the warmth factor (fleece lined with a wool knitted exterior), the colors, and the functionality--I can wear them as mittens or fingerless gloves, which means I can use electronic touch screens. (did not send a photo!)

Reem Dashti, mitten/gloves consumer


Another step to this research was to try out different pairs of gloves/mittens while observing what works well and what doesn't.

A Knitted, lined with polyester mittens

photo 1.jpg

This was my first ever mitten experience! I am used to wearing gloves not mittens..
Advantages of this mitten:
-really warm.
-materials (interior/exterior) very soft and I moved my hand easily.
-my fingers are close.
-little grip thing in the middle to help hold stuff.

-big in size. It was harder to fit my hands in my pockets.
-and if I didn't keep my hand in my pocket, I felt like a little person with gigantic hands.
-the grip patch is small. If I was holding a big thing it can easily slip.
-couldn't use my phone to dial/text/browse.. I took off my mitten to pick up a phone call and had to switch hands to put the mitten back and talk over the phone (my phone almost fell while I was doing this!)
-it is hard to keep them in my pockets when am indoors.
-do not last for long (get dirty easily)

Venture Warm


-light weight.
-a little clip to keep both pairs together!
-larger grip patch
-really warm.
-interior material is very soft.
-Hard to stain!
-my cat loved it!


-grip batch is still small. I almost slipped a bottle of soda!
-still hard to keep in pocket.
-I couldn't use my phone.

Texting Gloves


-I can text, browse, answer calls.
-can be folded to fit in my pockets.
-I was able to use all my 10 fingers!

-doesn't keep you warm in colder days.
-material is thin, air goes through.
-things sometimes can slip from my hand.
-do not last for long (get dirty easily)
-the touchscreen doesn't function as good as without the gloves.

Problem Statements:

People need warm and stylish mittens/gloves because keeps them warm and adds to their outfits.

People need a way to keep their hands warm without sacrificing any of their real hand features because they want to have full control over their hands to be able to do everything they would without a mitten/glove.


Hi Sarah,
I enjoyed reading your blog and can see you definitely fulfilled each aspect of this assignment. The picture to text balance is good. As a reader, it keeps me interested and I am not overwhelmed by the amount of text or pictures. The content of the blog is good because you throughly described your findings and your thought process as well as supplemented with supporting pictures. For a suggestion, I think it would be beneficial to work on the layout. A consistent layout would help the reader assess and understand the blog. Also, it would be helpful to separate your blog into sections using subheadings such as "Interviews". Overall, great job!

I hesitate to critique, because A, you are a cool person, and B, I like reading your blog. However, there are a few possible improvements.
There are some grammar inconsistencies, mainly around placement of capital letters. Your second problem statement is an example.
While I am sure your video added a lot, I was unable to see it.
I liked how you had advantages and disadvantages for each glove, but you might have kept them constant (for grip size glove A is good, B is bad, etc).
Your interviews were good, although you could have found an example of the second glove if your friend declined to send one. I want the Prada gloves!
Your narrative in the beginning added a lot, but the spacing needs to improve for ease of reading. I would have kept the bolding up throughout the page, although where you used it was appropriate.
All in all, a nice post!

Hi Sarah,
Love the idea of having everyone send you photos and descriptions of their favorite gloves. I think having the text that they wrote shown with the photo provides a greater level of insight to their personalities.

I would like to see more of the questions that you asked. How hard did you dig to get their stories? When Ben was talking about the versatility of appearance in his favorite gloves, is that important because he only wants one pair of gloves or because his appearance changes so frequently that he won't be able to change his gloves fast enough? What if his gloves could change their appearance to better match a variety of outfits?

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