Assignment 6


Market Potential:
After selecting 10 product ideas from my previous posts, I used mechanicalturk from Amazon to survey 20 person about my 10 ideas..
I had simple description of the ideas and two simple questions:
Will you buy this? How much would you pay for it?
I also started by asking where are you from?
Participants were from all over the states (NY, CA, MN, IN, PA..)

I was surprised that 20 person answered my survey within 5-6 minutes!! but I am not really sure how truthful the answers are.

After analyzing the answers I received, I selected the following:

1. Heater Glove: The glove gets heat from your phone.
2. Sensor Glove: Senses the weather and generate heat according to the weather.
3. Wearable Mitten Pocket: A pocket that de-attach from your coat to be a pair of mitten.
4. Heat Ball: A ball that generate heat as you squeeze it.
5. iPhone Cover Heater: An iPhone cover that generate heat when you need it to keep you hand warm as you text or talk over the phone.

(images of all the above ideas are in my previous post)
[Assignment 5]

Here is a chart of the prices estimated by the people I surveyed:


Novel Potential:
I looked up Amazon and other online shops for similar products to compare and to look up market opportunities..

1. Heater Glove:


2. Sensor Glove:
Compared to another product (Portable charger).

3. Wearable Mitten Pocket:
Compared to another product (Mittens).


4. Heat Ball:

Compared to another product (Hand Warmers).


5. iPhone Cover Heater:

Compared to another product (Portable charger).



Heater Glove [LINK]
Sensor Glove [LINK]
Wearable Mitten Pockets [LINK]
Heat Ball [LINK]
iPhone Cover Heater [LINK]


Heater Glove:
It is possible and fairly easy to work on this ideas because there are many other similar products in the market. My challenge would about making it very different and significant! Also, when charging the glove through the phone it is consuming its battery so I should be aware of limiting the energy used in the glove.
The rough cost of the pair of gloves is $15

Sensor Glove:
My challenge in this product would be finding a sensor system that would work correctly on this glove.
The rough cost of the pair of gloves is $13

Wearable Mitten Pocket:
This is one of the simplest ideas and really easy to do. However, the challenge might be in the design. How can I make it a piece that warms your hands, yet adds to your look!
The rough cost of the pair of gloves is $5

Heat Ball:
There are similar ideas to the Heat Ball. I think my challenge here is how to make it really significant! and add a play side to it to make it fun to use.
The rough cost of the pair of gloves is $6

iPhone Cover Heater:
I think this is the most successful idea I came up with!
Since the people I survey for this assignment mainly talked about the limitation of using their phone when its cold.
It is a new idea I couldn't find similar products online! so I believe it has a really good opportunity out there.
The rough cost of the pair of gloves is $10


Hi Sarah,
It was great to note that you got great survey responses within few minutes.

You really have gotten some set of great ideas that indeed could be marketable products. It would have been great if you had documented more on the process on how you arrived at these 5 products. Did any particular product received a high on the idea? I am asking this because some people rate an idea the best but wont be willing to buy it and vice versa. IT would have been interesting to note which one had equally higher rating.

It was nice to see the 2x2 for most of your products. Some more details on the product description and prices would have made it to perfection! Also, it was great you found really pertinent patents in relation to your ideas. Some description about them in this blog would have been nice to provide a gist! Nice to see the manufacturing cost and some more details on the estimates would be very useful.

I am more excited to see the sensor glove winning this game as it sounds realistic and very useful product, and I do as well have a similar product which will be a suit that heats up users based on ambient temperature! Way to go!

-- Shiv


I am glad that you used a graph to show which products people liked best. My one concern about using Mechanical Turk is that you may have gotten responses from people that don't actually experience winter (from California for example).

I liked the 2x2s you created, I just wanted to know more clearly where your product would fit in on the 2x2. I also wanted to know a little more about how you determined your manufacturing costs. I can understand how the cost for the heater gloves would be $15 but I am wondering if people would be willing to spend $150 on them.


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