Assignment 7


For this weeks assignment I started by developing the Pugh Chart for the five ideas I worked with last week:
1. Heater Glove.
2. Sensor Glove.
3. Wearable Mitten Pockets.
4. Heat Ball.
5. iPhone Heating Cover.

My evaluation criteria was the following:
The feasibility of the product.
How unique this product is?
Market opportunity.
Am I interested in the product?
Is it a good application of my strength?


After this chart and after looking back at the survey from last week, I had two ideas left:
1. Wearable Mitten Pockets.
2. iPhone Heating Cover.

To decide what is the product that would fit in this project, I went back to the beginning of the assignment and reread my problem statement:

People need a way to keep their hands warm without sacrificing any of their real hand features because they want to have full control over their hands to be able to do everything they would without a mitten/glove.

and I think that the second idea (iPhone Heating Cover) would be a closer match to this problem statement.

Also, going back to the survey from Assignment 3 all my participants were worried about using their phone in winter!
And from my observations over the past few weeks I have noticed that most people take off their mittens/gloves to use their phones even though their glove might have "smart fingers"!
So I think that using your phone is very crucial those days, to either text, call, lookup directions, find the right bus stop, or choose a song for your ipod!
Therefore, I choose the iPhone Heating Cover idea.
This idea is not exclusive to iPhone.

Here is a quick sketch of the product:


I have also designed a little poster for the final product crit:


VIDEO - Elevator Pitch


Hi Sarah!

I really enjoy your idea, and I'd be happy to provide some feedback on your pitch video before class tomorrow. It doesn't seem to be opening for me, but if you would like to send me a link or let me know when you try troubleshooting my email is:

I like the pace in which you spoke at and that you used a range to emphasize certain points. Make sure that you are not presenting how your product applies to your research, but instead of the research helped develop your product. If you could get more of a story to it, perhaps one from your research, people would remember it better. How much would it cost to make it? how much are people willing to pay for it? How large is the market?



I find your product quite novel. I agree with some of what was said in the presentations, I tend to hold my phone with a gloved hand so a warmer may not be much benefit to me. However as a hand warmer I find it really useful. especially in this cold winter cold hands are a pain so I would love to have a product like this. Overheating may be a potential problem but there are plenty of textiles on the market that reflect/insulate heat so using one of those could solve this problem.

Hi Sarah,

I'm sorry that I was not able to comment before your pitch yesterday. I would agree with what has been said about holding the phone with the gloved hand, but I must admit I didn't think about it until someone else mentioned it. I have a tendency to forget my gloves in the winter, so this would actually be a fantastic product for me as a hand warmer. I like that it has more than one function and holds an extra charge as well. Going forward, I would definitely check into how you could protect the phone from overheating. I believe that there is probably some way to do it. I also enjoy the little flame symbol you used in your design. If you wanted to market the product year round, you might try thinking of other names that symbolize the warmth attribute without including winter.

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