April 29, 2008

Posting files to the blog?

Hey everyone--I've been having trouble posting an mp3 on here. Any suggestions?
I've tried doing the "upload file" without any luck.


April 9, 2008

Some resources for speeches and sound recordings

1. We have access to this sample set.
2. Check out Ubu.com, specifically the sound section.
3. And then, there's freesound.

Video Tracking with Max/MSP/Jitter

There's a simple color tracking tutorial patch that comes with the Max/MSP/Jitter installer.

Much more sophisticated tracking can be accomplished with the cv.jit package.
Download it, place the externals in MaxMSP/Jitter's search path and try out the help files.

April 8, 2008

Arduino BlueTooth and Computer with Max/MSP

April 7, 2008

Video Analysis in Max/MSP/Jitter

cv.jit (Intel OpenCV library ported to Jitter, good for tracking, analysis, shape recognition, ...):


Audio Analysis in MaxMSP

Audio analysis:

Analyzer~ (good for harmonic sounds, gives you pitch, spectrum, loudness, brightness, ...):

Yin~ (from IRCAM, only pitch, no spectrum/brightness/...., but very good for pitch):
(write to ali if you have trouble finding it)

Envfol1~ (from IRCAM "Jimmies", event based envelop-follower for analyzing loudness):
(write to ali if you have trouble finding it)

bonk~ (from UCSD, audio signal an attack detector, tells you when and also what):

March 27, 2008

brett's Project


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March 23, 2008

Class tomorrow?

Hi - just wondering if we have class tomorrow?

March 3, 2008

Brian-Assignment #1-The Seizure Machine + Sound

Media Mill Video

February 27, 2008

A little help?

Download file

Hey all,
Just thought I'd give this route a try and see if anyone has some ideas why this seemingly very simple patch is going nowhere. It should be looping, it doesn't, and I can't even seem to get it to restart manually (I know there are other ways to loop, but shouldn't this work?). Also, I can't seem to get the INT box on LINE~ to actually have any effect during playback. Any ideas appreciated...


February 20, 2008

BW (sound) Daniel

Media Mill Video

BW (no sound)

Media Mill Video

Plug for our bikes

Media Mill Video

Spark things to do

Dear all,

Here are things to do for class & Spark Festival: Download file

- Doug

February 18, 2008

B&W_Pathogen (sound integration)

Media Mill Video