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Crossing the Bridge in Slow Motion

Honestly when I first heard we had to walk the bridge in 30 minutes I didn't think it was going to feel very long. When I take my time crossing the bridge and walk very leisurely it takes me about seven minutes. I figured that I would just walk 75% slower. No big deal.
Strangely when we started the walk I was excited. I even had a touch of butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't stop smiling and couldn't help but to look around at everyone. For about the first eight minutes I just constantly looked around at other people in the class and the people just passing by. I was very intrigued by other people and I wanted to know what they were thinking.
Slowly the excitement and my interest in other people started to dwindle. I soon found myself counting. I hate counting. For some reason every time I run my brain feels the need to count my steps. I hate it, it drives me crazy, and makes time seem to pass by so slow. I desperately tried to get the counting voice out of my head.
Eventually I was able to stop the counting voice by looking at the river and thinking about the various things it reminded me of. For the rest of the 20 minutes walking across the bridge I just let my mind wander. I love doing that. I love having absolutely nothing to do except kill time. I felt so calm and relaxed. I soon forgot where I was and what I was doing because I was so absorbed in my own thoughts. Surprisingly I was slightly disappointed when the 30 minutes were up.