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It's a time-machine journey cata-tastrophy!

I did enjoy the trip across the bridge, though I was at first worried people would assume we were protesting. (At least one of them, a friend of a friend, reportedly did.) Shame we can't experiment art in the real world without people thinking we're trying to "protest". (disclaimer: I do on occasion partake in protest, including artful forms. This is not a rip on art actually MEANT for that purpose.) It's probably a response from the fact that we are so invaded by advertising in one form or another that people become very adverse to any form or experience that seizes their attention.

But really:

At first my mind and body were jarred at the incredibly unnatural shifting of gears required to take a half hour crossing the bridge. After getting into it, the nearly unchanging, seemingly endless tunnel ahead and all around, with no progress made and people zipping past, I felt escaped from time. By the end of the journey I must have escaped space aswell, because the experience of changing my position (walking through a changing environment instead of a continuation of the tunnel-bridge) was very jarring. I felt compelled to stay still, the world was spiraling ahead and I couldn't catch up. This was the closest I have ever felt an understanding of the limitations of our perception of time and space.