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feeling fine... getting detained

We were supposed to take a half hour to cross the bridge. Having just had some coffee for probably the third time in my life, I was feeling a little jittery. (Pumpkin flavored latte was a pretty good call though, Lyric). I thought going with the group, as collaborative as that may be, seemed a little claustrophobic. I also wasn't a big fan of one of the plans to block off the bridge completely. I decided getting on top of the bridge would be a blast and a half, and with the ideally placed fence I couldn't resist. So, waiting until no one seemed to be paying much attention, I climbed up the fence and got on top of the bridge. Under my horrible influence, Ryan did the same. I missed the poorly placed warning sign saying the top of the bridge was off limits and could result in a misdemeanor, and walked/ran crouched down until I was out of sight.

There was a beautiful sight from up there. Ryan and I sat down about a quarter of the way down the bridge and talked about the boundary waters which made me nostalgic, enhancing the experience. As we were getting up to leave we were greeted by the shouts of a UMPD cop who had climbed up a ladder to get us off the bridge. I didn't hear him at first, then debating whether to run to the other side or go speak to the officer. Ryan didn't think twice about going to speak to him (he must have better judgement,,,) After making it down the ladder and being scolded for endangering ourselves and him and plahahblahblahogadyboogady, the officer took our names and told us he didn't want to write us a ticket because he was about to get off work... umm. I told him I liked his boots (they were way sweet), and hopefully no one follows up on that. Cameras everywhere really creep me out. Honestly, I don't want to be seen everywhere I go. *shivers*

Reflectively: so worth it.


Glad to hear you weren't severely punished for your free choice- I admit I was a bit worried about you two sitting in some jail somewhere after our excited officer of the law reprimanded us. Funny the comment about cameras- while we are constantly being monitored everywhere these days, when our group photographer raised his lens to document the event of an officer making sure we didn't dare inconvenience other people on the largely empty bridge, the officer said "DO NOT TAKE A PICTURE OF ME SIR" in a "i mean business" sort of voice. Is it illegal to take a policeman's photo?