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"What's The Hurry?"

I thought I'd never enjoy crossing the Washington Avenue Pedestrian Bridge after the first couple of times doing so. I was never one to find joy in simply walking, so lately I've been skipping the long trek and hopping on the bus, even to merely cross the river and get off at Coffman...

But this experience on the bridge I so desperately despise gave me a feeling that I never would have thought would come over me on that bridge: enjoyment. When Michael told us we were to take a half hour to cross the bridge that normally took only five minutes, I was really intrigued. Almost immediately I started getting crazy ideas on how we could use this to really piss a lot of pedestrians off. So en route to the east end of the bridge I started bouncing ideas off my peers. Nearing our experiment's starting point, we all seemed to agree that we should form a tight cluster to try and block other pedestrians.

But thanks to Chrissy's convincing "outside-of-the-box" thinking, I was persuaded to change the plan. Instead of sticking together as a group, we realized a sense of individuality would enhance the experience. As a group, no one stands out significantly, and therefore no one risks the chance of being embarrassed by their own actions. If we were to spread out, we would make ourselves more vulnerable and self-conscious. A sense of vulnerability is the best way to overcome our self-consciousness, causing us to no longer care what other people think and only focus on how we ourselves think and feel.

Occasionally, someone would come up to me and ask what we were all doing. To this I would simply respond with something like "You're moving really fast" or "What's your hurry?" I may have freaked some people out, but I know that I got them thinking as well. Exactly what I wanted.

The whole time I was inching along, I kept thinking, "Time can't hold me down!" This got me thinking about how great it would be to live without time restraints and schedules. I realized that this could never be possible as long as I have to work to support myself and survive. But at some point near my dying days, when I'm unrestricted by dates and priorities and financial security, I hope to live a lifestyle without time limits and schedules. Without the presence of time, I wouldn't ever think about how much time I have left in my life.

I don't think I completely understand the reasoning behind this exercise and how it ties into the art of collaboration. It struck me as an almost completely individual activity. However, I don't find it necessary to fully understand it. The experience was enough to take in.


Your passion for finding the hidden meanings behind these tasks is really fun to see Wes. Remember that being an individual IS part of collaborating. You do need to have your own experience in order to share it with others and combine all of your ideas into one and that's the beauty of it. I laughed when I read that you said "Why are you going so fast" to passing people.. You're a goofball! Keep exploring my friend! You're doing great :)