October 23, 2008

300 Words + MIA Visit

To me, the idea of collaboration is very related to the beauty of the arts. One person alone controlling their work doesn’t get very far, but when they allow flow to happen through them and they learn to direct that creative energy, beauty is the result. This mirrors my idea of collaboration because one person alone can only achieve so much. But when there are more minds working together on one goal, so many more ideas come forth that would never have been present before. In this way, that one goal goes from becoming one simple thing to something even greater. One person alone may create something beautiful, but many can improve that work and make it something truly incredible that could never have been achieved by the one person.

The most successful events in my mind were the shadow box puppets and crossing the bridge. These were the two that made me challenge what I thought I knew and gave me new insight. The shadow box puppets helped me to realize that I don’t have to have control in order to have a part in something wonderful, and that I can let go of my ego and play like a child. The bridge made me think on a higher level about time and its flexibility and inflexibility. It may be the one thing that binds us to everything around us, but we have control over how we let it affect us. It really is something to think about and something that I would love to explore as an art media.

While I do think that some events were more eye opening than others, I don’t think that any event “failed.? Some however, such as the ritual, were to me more fun to get caught up in than challenging or difficult to understand. The ritual was very exciting and I enjoyed being a part of it, but it didn’t touch me as deeply as some of the other events. This doesn’t mean that it was that same way for everyone though, and some may have begun to think on a different level because of it.

The trip to MIA was wonderful. It helped me to experience art in a gallery/exhibit setting in a new way, and it was fantastic to get to see it through my peers’ eyes. My piece interested me because of its subject matter and presentation. I love the idea of life versus death, as both something to be frightened due to its inevitability but also as a part of everyone and everything that is to be accepted such that rebirth can occur. The presentation of the piece was decisive without being showy or too obvious, which is a perfect balance to me.

September 16, 2008


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