October 23, 2008

Day at MIA

I loved going to MIA last week, but I have to agree that we didn't have nearly as much time as I would have liked to look around. There were so many things to see it was a little overwhelming for me. In the end I found a piece that struck a chord with me but I would have preferred more time to explore the place. My favorite part of the day was by far getting to see everyones pieces.

The Grand MIA

The trip to MIA was a whole lot of fun but there was only one problem i had with the trip....there was nowhere enough time for us to wonder...i onlyl got to look through the asian arts..and i didnt even get through all of i felt a tad rushed to find a peice of art..and i ended up going with the "pleasure boat"...but when leaving i saw something else that interested me waaaaayy more...a samerai sword! so i think i might do my gesture on that instead...but we shall see....

MIAs commin at cha wit powa powa.

I was worried I wouldn't find anything that I could really connect to after wandering around until five minutes before we were supposed to be outside. Then I found that driftwood piece. It was fantastic. It reminded me of my dad. I can't wait to think of some great stuff to do for my presentation. It was great to see what everyone was into, and I can't think of a better way to have seen the museum at large. Definitely the coolest "tour" i've been on in a long time.

October 22, 2008

Ceci n'est pas une pipe...

I'm glad I was able to enjoy the MIA labyrotorinth last week. I went a couple of months ago, and was not in the right mood to be looking at ancient rich people's tapestries idealizing natural beauty while ignoring the dying peasants at their feet. I wasn't stoked to see everything from walking sticks to fishnets stuck in glass cases and labeled "priceless art". This time I was. I was able to just relax and let myself be overwhelmed with the beauty of the things we make. As our class wanders off into our individual caves-of-destiny these next two weeks to do battle with Darth Vader, cutting his face off to reveal a pubescent Mark Hamil, I am excited to see all the Jedi we will become.


October 21, 2008


Walking through rooms and rooms of art, gazing upon the pictures, paintings, sculptures, and woodworkings its kinda hard not to be overwhelmed. Yet, loosing yourself amongst such masterpieces is half the fun. Discovering where to go and what paintings mean the most was no easy task in a 3 story art museum. Although i found mine much easier than i thought i would. For the 20 min i had i spent 15 of it trying to force myself to pick a piece that was mediocre and that was suffice. i couldn't do it. finally while rushing through one of the rooms on the thrid floor it caught my eye. i stopped on point and found myself staring, and lingering on every detail. Now thats a peice that spoke to you. While everyone demonstrated how their own art work grabbed them, i found it amazing at the odd yet varied variety of the pieces that were chosen as a whole. I mean could you ask for a better day at the MIA?

October 17, 2008

Day at the Museum

This was an amazing activity to me. It allowed me to go out of my norm and enjoy art what it is to me, something wonderful and precious...

Something that Speaks to Me

I really enjoyed the trip to the MIA we took for class. I love looking at other people's creations. A lot of the art doesn't really speak to me, though. I can appreciate it, but it won't strike any deeper tones within me. While I was having a good time looking at all the different pieces, I was afraid that I would never find one that I could truthfully do my presentation on. At long last, after aimlessly wandering through room after room of chairs and ceramics and textiles, I finally stepped into a room that had photo after photo framed along the walls. I made it nearly around the whole room before I stopped in front of one picture and couldn't step away. At last, I'd found something that spoke to me.


Today going to MIA was awesome - I wanted to stay much longer, I liked looking at what everyone chose as their piece of artwork, and I actually felt really inspired by the Jade carving I chose; I'm excited to make my presentation!