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September 25, 2008

RNC protestors sit in

Here is a random one from youtube with people seated....

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Protester roughed up by police #2

Protester roughed up by police

Protests as art?

Should we look at past protests in our study? past anarchists, past riots, past police brutality. Did these protests lead to a better america? in race and vietnam protests, should these rnc protests be viewed in a similar way, that they are actually on the cutting edge of what needs to change in America, and in turn, what will eventually change? police state? war mongering? xenophobia? Protests as challenging current ideologies, challenging current status quo.

Protests as a cutting edge view of reality.
Compare that idea with art. Art as challenging status quo, art as challenging current ideologies. art as revealing uncomfortable truths about society, art as cutting edge views on reality. Art revealing things that need to be rethought.

Can/should a protest be considered art in the first place? There is much choreography going on, there is much planning, there is much focus on aesthetics-the dress of protesters, their signs, their songs, it is very creative act. It is also a very collaborative performance, and a very multimedia performance.

So can our performance/art be considered a reaction to another form of art? are we the secondary art source? are we re-mixing?

I know we've kinda talked about this, but i just thought the ideas should be on the blog

free speech within police state? vietnam vet speaks

local media coverage

there are some good visuals

Dementors ascending on peaceful protestors

this video reminds me of masses of dementors coming to suck the souls from people (yes, dementors from Harry Potter). It's like a mass of hooded black cult people brooding over people

police vs dance party (music added)

This video pairs a song to the situation, an interesting choice, makes you think about what kinda music our performance should be like

protester arrested for falling off bike

excessive power, random/illegitimate use of power. at the end, the protesters start singing to the huge police bike blockade

September 23, 2008

"Cops advance on peaceful protestors at RNC 2008 in St. Paul"

September 18, 2008

RNC: Still of protestor on the ground

RNC Police: Cop Attacked