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Timeline / Outline of Performance

A possible Outline as I see it:

- Broc is at entrance in Toy Soldier costume taking pictures of spectator as they arrive

- Broc moves to David to blindfold him, tie his hands behind his back, and forcefully holds trumpet to his lips
- Paul plays drum roll and 21 gun salute snare shots
-David/Broc and Paul perform Taps as ensemble

- Broc removes trumpet from David's lips and set it on the floor
- David struggles to still play trumpet as Paul begins playing bass clarinet
- TRANSFERENCE OF ATTRIBUTES as David works to free himself and Broc works to oppress Paul by binding his hands, blindfolding, taking his instrument, etc.

????? after the "Transference of Attributes" how should we transition to Billy's shadow theatre ?????

- Billy shadow theatre
- Billy raps

- audience climbs through web of caution tape and escapes

..........any thoughts change on how these things will work?...............