November 11, 2008

RNC Documentary

here is a good source for footage.

October 11, 2008


Here is the tentative list that we developed in class on Thursday, October 9th 2008 For project RNC:
1. Live sound production: trumpet, drums, objects etc
2. MAX manipulation of live sound
3. Two "modes" of the performance: live, where we need the performers present, and "self sufficient" where we can turn the exhibit on and let it do its thing (computer run)
4. The rap song on MAX (no live performance necessarily needed)
5. Ambient Noises (helicopter, horses, chants, orders....)
6. Composing musical pieces and manipulating them: Since the room will be divided into two sides, we can utilize simple audio programs to make a counterpoint/polyphony/sonic exchange between the speakers on the two sides of the room.

1. Projections, videos, a composition of edited video
2. Performers/Actors (costumes)
3. Shadow Puppet depicting cop violence
4. Cameras to take visitor's photo and incorporate it into display
5. lots of images! saturate the room in projections, and have a painting or two to boot.

1. Sensors for all kinds of stuff... smoke, sirens, lights, physical triggers.
2. More...

1. Upon entry, one will choose a side of the divide to start with
2. Walls (with either eyeslits, or some sort of translucent materials...)
3. Protest signs
4. Lights and Curtains
5. Crossing from one side of the room to the other is arduous

V. CHOREOGRAPHY: Syntax, Juxtaposition, Counterpoint, Sequence
1. To be solidified as material is gathered.

October 2, 2008

Soundtrack Proposal: Rap

In class last week I proposed that the soundtrack for the piece involve an element of hip-hop; "street music", since the conflict took place on the streets, and many protesters used percusive instruments and chants in order to convery their message. I took the liberty to write up some lyrics (couldn't manage to record it, but I can definitely perform it in class on Thursday) and Ali reccommended I throw them down here. I tried to convey the performative element of the police that we have been discussing in class, as well as the abuse they committed.

RNC Rap Proposal
Who’s that strutting up the street
Dressed in blue, fresh-pressed since they know they’ll be on TV?
Marching in step like left-two-three
Like a chorus line auditioning for West Side Story?
It’s the police, here to protect the RNC
From the scary anarchist monsters marching for peace:
Pose for the cameras first, boys, say “cheese?
Before the gas masks go on give them a taste of authority.
Phase one: Locate a protest parade.
Blast a pack of tear gas because you just fucking hate it.
If they run away, don’t hesitate to use your tazer,
And if you’re still feeling salty give them a face full of pepper spray
Why the rage, boys? You ought to act your age:
Hitting girls, riding bikes, it reminds me of when I was eight
You’re like some Dr. Seuss zoo: The animals escaped and
The only sane ones are the ones still chained inside their cages
Use your brains—this is just a charade,
The MPD sees a TV camera and starts masturbating.
Why the horses, bikes, lights, marching? It’s all fake,
Today, the protesters ain’t the only ones on parade.
And the cameras keep rolling while the cuffs roll up:
Beat those hippie’s asses in the name of the law.
It takes a ballsy-ass cop to turn a protest-turned-riot into a protest-turned-photo op.
Don’t you dare turn that camera off!
They haven’t gotten the chance to really strut their stuff, yet:
A choreographed attack complete with masks and props,
“And on my signal boys, pirouette and light them up!?
Shit, they’ve been rehearsing for months in their station,
Staying in step and synchronized intimidation.
The only place better for these crazy-ass police is off the streets in a theatre on a stage, man.
Damn, now that’s entertainment, ain’t that right, guys?
For an encore, pop some wheelies on your bikes!
Then it’s like, “psyche!? And your ass gets zip tied—these guys
are so cold instead of getting “Justice? all you get is “Just Ice?.
They’re not nice, but who you gonna run to this time?
Who polices the police if they’re the ones committing crimes?
They have absolute power—there’s no one to restore order;
This ain’t Gotham, there’s no batman, Christian Bale’s done filming Dark Knight.
And it’s not like anyone is watching this corruption of justice;
If they had consciences or anything they’d rush in and stop this
shameful and blatant disregard for the constitution or due process—
The sheer audacity of these cops is noxious makes me cuss: “fuck this!?
You hear them swearing boys? We’re wearing them down!
We’re teaching them what free speech means in our town!
Saint Paul ain’t no cake walk, black block!
Get your ass down on the asphalt: Make my day and try to take off
Just test me—resist arrest or just stare at me threateningly
I’ll gladly empty my pepper spray in your face ‘til each nerve ending
In your eyeballs is dying—why you crying? Don’t like the taste of capsaicin?
That’s how it feels to incite a riot, man.
And just try and use reason;
Just try and close your eyes and make-believe the police will even
Bat an eyelid before they batter those eyes in—
The only regret that they have is that it’s gas and not poison.
The boys in blue versus the activists,
And Saint Paul’s like “we ain’t havin’ this?,
Call out the cavalry, they won’t take chances,
And all we got to fight back with is peace signs and protest chants:
“Tell me what democracy tastes like
This is what democracy tastes like:?
Like blood running down my face from the places
Where my lips and my skin got scraped along the pavement.
Now here’s something no one else has mentioned:
Why’s the RNC getting so much police attention?
It’s just the Republican convention—
Are these people so great they need so much protection?
They don’t care about rights, just winning elections,
But I swear that we’ll be the ones left laughing:
So in November when you’ve got a choice to make,
Remember whose convention turned this city into a police state.

September 25, 2008

RNC protestors sit in

Here is a random one from youtube with people seated....

My RNC Photos




Protester roughed up by police #2

Protester roughed up by police

September 23, 2008

"Cops advance on peaceful protestors at RNC 2008 in St. Paul"

September 18, 2008

RNC: Still of protestor on the ground

RNC Police: Cop Attacked