September 4, 2008

Schedule of topics, readings and lectures

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ARTS 8400
First Year Graduate Seminar
Thursdays, 6:00-9:00 Room W175, Regis Center for Art


This course focuses on theories of contemporary art and how they have created a foundation for current art practices. In addition to reflecting on theory, this class seeks to collectively explore new paradigms in the ways that artists are working today- through the creation of collectives, the globalized community and artist-as-curator model. Can post-modernism shift to not just operate as a resistance against an historical Western paradigm, but rather formulate new approaches that are based in a globalized, less provincial and more dynamic way of thinking?

Instructors will post a blog entry for each reading assignment. Students are expected to respond insightfully to each reading with three paragraphs posted as a comment to the reading assignment's post. This should be completed at the latest by Wednesday morning (the day before our class meeting). Students should also use the blog as a platform for responding to other classmate's comments and conducting meaningful discussions.

Students will discuss assigned readings in class and give a presentation about contemporary artists. Additionally, students will write one final paper for this course about their own work in relation to the readings and material covered in class.

This course is designed to help students think critically in the context of contemporary art and to develop writing skills to help them articulate their own work during their time as an M.F.A. student and beyond, as professional and engaged artists.

Students are expected to participate actively. Blog entries should be written clearly, with proper grammar and refer specifically to the readings.

Students are permitted to miss two classes maximum and are expected to be on time.


Please give a 20 minute presentation on 3 contemporary (living or prematurely dead) artists:
1: An artist who you like and who influences your work
2: An artist you like, but whose work is not related to yours
3: An artist whose work you really don't like (and why)

Please refer to the link above for the schedule and assigned readings. Some of the readings are available via links and others will be available on the library's electronic reserve system.

Grade Breakdown:
Blog 25% (blog entry responding each reading assigned and one response to a classmate's blog entry)
Final Paper 25%
Class Participation 25%
Presentation 25%