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This class introduces students to the diverse practices of movement and rhythm applied to sculpture. Instead of a literal translation of kinetic sculpture as sculpture that moves, we seek to deconstruct presuppostions about the limits of this practice and its history. By exploring notions of the body, movement, function, gesture and the relationship between objects in motion we will find expansive ways to collaboratively redefine this medium.

As an advanced class, the class will be primarily fueled by the personal artistic interests and directions of the participants. Evaluated projects will be mostly very free in their constraints and are geared towards helping each student develop his/her personal voice.

Throughout the semester, we will review and analyze contemporary works of sculpture and installation. In addition to this regular practice, we will consider three different genres of theoretical work with movement and rhythm:

1) Body in Motion: styles of gesture, from modern dance and hip-hop, to table tennis and sumo, and the movement in the animal kingdom
2) The Jungle: inspired by the work Rain Forrest by David Tudor, we will collaboratively work on a large scale kinetic sound installation
3) Musical Time and Rhythm: we will do close listening and analysis of music from the east and the west that gives particular attention to its treatment of time and rhythm

There will be three evaluated and equally weighted projects. At the completion of each project, we will conduct critiques in order to give each student critical feedback. One of these three projects will be our collaboration on the Jungle. Grades will thus be calculated as follows:

%25: Project 1
%25: Project 2
%25: Project 3
%25: Participation and Attendance

Attendance is mandatory. Missing more than 2 classes without formal and serious notification and justification will lead to failure of the course.