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Spark Festival 2009

Spark is upon us!

Full info here:

Full schedule, with Ali's recommendations in italix, below:

Tuesday, Feb. 17th

Twin Cities Showcase
7pm, The Whole Music Club

* Josh Musikantow: "Canvases"
* Brett Wartchow: "Rocks & Bottles"
* Scott Keever
* Schuyler Tsuda: "Edification"
* Pat O'Keefe / Scott Miller

Nightlife: Twin Cities Showcase
10pm, Catepillar Lounge (back room of Azia)

Wednesday, Feb. 18th

Concert 1
10:45am, The Whole Music Club

* Featuring the Avatar Orchestra: A Second Life Orchestra

Concert 2
2:00pm, Cedar Cultural Center

* Eric Nathan: "Cantus"
* Matt Diamond: "Errata"
* Hubert Howe: "Timbre Study No. 7"
* U.S.O. Project - Unidentified Sound Object (aka Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi): "Girl Running"
* Mara Helmuth: "Butterfly Within"

Concert 3
7pm, Barker Center for Dance

* Maja Cerar: "Catharsis"
* Peter Lane: "Aeromancer"
* Elika Hedayat: "TIZTAN (Thorny Man)"
* Kanta Horio: "Mysterious Computing 0.1"
Spark is upon us!

Full info here:

Nightlife Ambient 1
9pm, Bedlam Theater

* Michael Croswell
* Charles Lindstrom

Nightlife 1
10:30pm, Bedlam Theater

* Caly McMorrow
* Hay
* Rossum
* Nobot

Thursday, Feb. 19th

Talks 1
9am, Weisman Art Museum

* Josh Musikantow: "The Marriage of Futurism and Naturalism in the Music of Jean François Laporte
* Gregory Taylor: "Max for Abelton Live"

Concert 4
10:45am, The Whole Music Club

* Cathy van Eck: "Groene Ruis"
* Jake Rundall: "Silica"
* Mike Olson: "Incidental No. 3"
* Richard Johnson: "The Loves of Zero"
* Asha Srinivasan: "Bapu"

Keynote Presentation: David Wessel and Joel Ryan
12pm, Hanson Hall Room 1-108

Concert 5
2:00pm, Cedar Cultural Center

* Clifton Callender: "Metamorphoses"
* Jay Batzner: "Carnival Daring-Do"
* Philip Blackburn: "Car Squawk"
* Olga Mink: "Reis door Brabant-stad"
* John Gibson: "Slumber"

Concert 6: Ray Lee
5pm, Walker

* "Siren" Immersive multimedia performance

Concert 7: STEIM
7:00pm, Bedlam

* Robert van Heumen
* Joel Ryan
* dj sniff

Nightlife Ambient 2
9pm, Bedlam Theater

* Noah Keesecker
* Krzysztof Wolek

Nightlife 2
10:30pm, Bedlam Theater

* Taylor/Hamer/Henrikson
* Masa Fujita
* Jeff Lubow
* Tarleton
* Keston & Westdal

Friday, Feb. 20th

Talks 2
9am, Weisman Art Museum

* Megan England
* Norbert Herber
* Xenia Pestova

Concert 8
10:45am, Ultan Recital Hall

* Scott Miller: "Lovely Little Monster"
* Steve Kornicki: "Tempo Distortion 4"
* Kala Pierson: "Chilling Effects"
* Matt Malsky: "Thirteen Ways of Listening to a Loudspeaker"
* P. Hunter McCurry: "Violin House"
* Juraj Kojs: "At and Across"

Keynote Presentation: Ray Lee
12pm, Hanson Hall Room 1-106

Concert 9
2:00pm, Cedar Cultural Center

* Jason Bolte: "And Death..."
* Doug Geers: "Sweep"
* David Bithell and Ali Momeni: "Liminal Surface"
* Patrick Holbrook: "Some Things About My Body And Moving Large Piles of Sand"
* Zachary Crockett: "Ritual #2"

Keynote Presentation: Wafaa Bilal
3:30pm, Hanson Hall Room 1-106

Concert 10
8pm, Ultan Recital Hall

* David Wessel
* Douglas Ewart
* Guerino Mazzola

Nightlife Ambient 3
9pm, Bedlam Theater

* Andrew Weathers

Nightlife 3
9:30pm, Bedlam Theater
Planet 9

* Alex Kotch
* Jon Margulies
* Kendall Station
* Puzzleweasel

Saturday, Feb. 21th

Keynote Presentation: Guerino Mazzola
9:30am, Ferguson Hall Room 225

Concert 11
10:45am, The Whole Music Club

* Luke Polipnick: "Descriptive Data"
* Allison Ogden: "Attabi"
* Lawrence Fritts: "Life-Drawing"
* Ted Coffey: "Blue Cycle: Noise"

Keynote Presentation: STEIM - 40 years in live electronic arts by Takuro Lippit Mizuta
12pm, Ferguson Room 225

Concert 12
2:00pm, Cedar Cultural Center

* Christopher Biggs: "MHCHAOS"
* Parag Chordia: "Slow Theka"
* Matthew Burtner: "(dis)Locations"
* Steve Everett: "Opaque Silhouette"
* Daniel Morse: "Klangmasse I"

Installation Tour
4:00pm, Meet in Regis East Lobby

6:00pm, Regis Center for Art

* Danceband
* Beatrix*JAR

Concert 13
8pm, Ted Mann Concert Hall

* Jacob Gotlib: "The Slow Splintering"
* Bryan Jacobs: "Song from the Moment"
* Peter Swendsen: "a sudden change in the consistency of snow"
* Peter Hulen: "Les Baptistes englouties"
* Josh Clausen: "She Quietly Enters and Leaves the Fray"
* Lorenzo Bianchi and MK: "Comfort"
* Joel Ryan and Keir Neuringer

Nightlife 4
10:30pm, Bedlam Theater

* Alex Rae
* Live electronic music by Dreamlogicc, Live video by Gravitymax
* Cepia
* Pole
* Umfeld

Sunday, Feb. 22th

Symposium Fast Forward
11am, Ferguson Room 225

* Juraj Kojs: "Cyberactions and Cyberinstruments via Physical Modeling: Extending Physical Realities"
* Joshua Fried: "Wheel and Shoes"
* Charles Smith: "Laurie Lee Moses: A Brief Comparison of Some of Her Acoustic and Electroacoustic COmpositions"
* Henry Gwiazda: "THe Audio Video Symbiosis"
* Kala Pierson: "Singing Stones"
* Alex Kotch: "Remixers Online Collaborative"
* CJ Lindstrom: "Social Class and Creativity"

Spark Film Festival
3:00 to 8:00 pm, Coffman Theater

* Featuring films from the Beijing Film Academy

Installations by Venue

Regis Center for Art East Building

* Lanier Sammons: "Panta Rhei"
Regis E136
* Robin Meier/Ali Momeni: "Strategies for Post-Apocalyptic Computation"
Regis E138
* Jeldrik Schmuch: "Memento"
Regis E134

Regis Center for Art West Building

* Play the Magic (Julio Obelleiro, Alberto García, Jorge Cano, Pedro Enriquez): "Building Music"
Regis West Façade, Sat 2/21 4-8pm
* Jakub Nepras: "Babylon Plant"
Regis W130
* David Morneau: "60x365"
Regis West Projection Area
* David Bithell: "The Traveller"
* Norbert Herber: "Sound Garden"
* Wafaa Bilal: "Virtual Jihad"

Ted Mann Concert Hall

* Cathy Vasn Eck: "Hearing Sirens"
Ted Mann lobby, Sat 2/21 8pm
* Todd Polenburg: "Monster/Identity Prosthetic"
Ted Mann lobby, Sat 2/21 8pm