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Small Victories.

After wrangling with my new toys, sifting through my new nifty little handbook (Banzi's Arduino starter book), and hanging with some helpful sites, I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this. I've successfully executed some (really) simple coding and am somewhat comfortable reading simple schematic diagrams.

Next stop – prototyping the NS73M FM transmitter breakout with Duemilanove.

Challenges on deck: understanding how to interface the IR sensor to Arduino and figuring out how to configure all the bits and pieces. I've learned this much for sure;

Brett + (IR sensor protocols) = angry childish tantrums;

Are these link of any use to me?

By far, this is the best site I've found to get up and running with Arduinos:

Other links...
Resistor calculator:

for connecting the IR sensor, you shouldn't need any special arduino code but a simple analogRead. a pin from the sensor gives a varying voltage that you can sense with the arduino's analog inputs directly.

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Arduino starter links
Where to start: to buy microcontrollers and sensors: for arduino projects: example projects:…