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What you talkin' about, Arduino?

Working out how folks will interface with the radio object. Hands on or simply tracking presence and motion. I'm leaning toward using ultrasonic sensors for most of the close tracking, but it would be cool to use infrared (perhaps PIR) for long range tracking as a secondary data stream. (Or not..)

Interesting PIR sensor/Arduino thingy:

IR/Arduino with TV remote control (kinda nifty):

Simple IR/Arduino configuration (with code):

Useful info for connecting simple FM transmitter to Arduino:

Now working with the AR1010 FM receiver. Seems simple enough. Going off of images and videos I see online. Documentation (official and otherwise) is scarce. Folks in the forums seem to be having similar challenges in finding useful info.

Also getting my head into the code. Found some samples online but they seem to have issues. Have to go through this more closely...

Thinking about how to power the amp in a sensible way. If only it had an AC inlet...

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