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In-class lecture: 09.09.29

Full size video is here. ready for download


For all who gave me their personal iphone/ipod-touch udid numbers, you can download from here and the required provisions file from here.

Drag both files into the itunes window, sync your iPhone/iPod Touch.


DUE Sep. 29, 2009: Problem set

Patches are

Solutions for problems 1-5 were given in class. Numbers 6 and 7 are here.

In-class lecture: 09.09.24

Full size video is here.

In-class lecture: 09.09.22

Full size video is here...

In-class lecture: 09.09.10

Full size video is here...

In-class patches, 09.09.22

In class patches are here.

DUE Sep. 22, 2009: Problem set

DUE Sep. 17, 2009: Problem set

Here they are:

In-class patches, 09.09.15

In-class patches, 09.09.10

Here here:

In-class patches, 09.09.08

Here they are:


Hello and Welcome.

Please find the class syllabus here, and the weekly schedule here.

You can always get to these pages from the links under "Pages" in the front page of our blog's.

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