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making sound waves

I'd like to use data to make a new soundwave.  can i do this specifying amplitudes somehow in a table and read through them (faster for high freq, slower for low freq)?

Final Project Presentations

Hey Ali,

Is there a schedule for final project presentations? I talked to Andrea about the equipment and space for my performance and it sounds like it can happen as long as I get everything scheduled for checkout. Just not sure when to check it out.



Need to Mend a Broken Heart. . . Rate Monitor

Hey Ali,

The vernier techs came through for me again and I was able to access the wiring inside the grips, but I bungled the repair job.

I used too much heat when soldering and burned off the eyelet plates where the wires attach.

You wouldn't happen to have any tricks up your sleeve for this problem, or a $2000 eyelet repair kit like the ones I saw online?

Assuming all is lost, would I be able to use rest of my course money for a new pair of grips?


light bulbs or LEDs?

Hi Ali,
I have been thinking about a few things regarding my project, the arduino, and just the kind of lights to use.  It would be ideal to use actual light bulbs with my project but finding them ( 27 of them) is quite hard.  So I was thinking that perhaps I could use LED lights instead, maybe the more powerful LEDs.  Working with LEDs would be a better route for me to take if they can be controlled.  Can the intensity of the LEDs be voltage adjustable or do they just have an on or off state?  


Laptop checkout?

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I know I am probably the only one without a macbook in this class and it's probably not as important for anyone else.  But today I was trying to check out a laptop from the cla checkout and apparently I don't have computers in my folder as a checkout-able I couldn't.  Are we able to check out laptops for this class?  ...just curious.  It would be really nice to use the bluetooth capability from the laptop to communicate with a wii remote.  ...

I have a lot of deep personal issues to deal with and this isn't the best place for it...but i just feel like... the money I paid for those art fees just gone out the window.  They couldn't supply me with a laptop, they couldn't supply me with fresh batteries for a camera i just checked out, they couldn't supply me with enough batteries to power it on.  i don't know... maybe it's just me.  

Working with XBees

See the dedicated blog for playing with XBees here:

I got in...

Hi Ali,
After an hour of going back and forth searching for the post button, I finally made it to the log in page and now I am here.

I'd like to ask you about the relay board you hooked up the light bulbs with and what type it was.  I was searching for ...similar ones on sparkfun and also on ebay but they were giving me some pretty weird combinations. 
If i need to turn on 27 light bulbs...i'd need about 4 relay boards?  is there a more inexpensive way to go around this? 

This Is also Neat

arduino to max documentation

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