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finally found my way to post to this blog!

Could you name a few audio/video objects that I could look into for integrating the web into max?  I tried look up 'url' or 'web' - but found it very difficult to find anything..

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Here are some hints:

-there's a standard max object called "jweb" that functions as a browser running inside of max. you can use it to get various media from the web; also look at "jit.desktop" for getting a video-matrix of any part of your screen in real-time (this can be used with jweb to get video from the internet)

-a number of people have developed externals for getting stuff from google. look here:

-aLib includes a google image search patch that let's you submit searches and retrieve the results as jitter matrices. It's called "ali.jit.googleimage", a java-based patch and comes with aLib java:

-aLib includes an xml parser that reads off of a URL. it's a java class called "" and is at the above link as well. this gives you access to all kinds of things on the net.

-the "shell" object lets you run anything that you can run in a terminal. this could include any variety of web-aware apps. you can find it in our XLib or online here:

-mawLib includes a java class for accessing twitter feeds.

-there are a slew of objects for using python in max. python, as you may know, is super powerful and web friendly and robust and and and. here they are:

there's more too if you are looking for specific things....

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