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Final Project Presentations

Hey Ali,

Is there a schedule for final project presentations? I talked to Andrea about the equipment and space for my performance and it sounds like it can happen as long as I get everything scheduled for checkout. Just not sure when to check it out.



arduino to max documentation

heart rate specs

Thanks Ali,

Here's what I could find in the vernier specs pdf:

How the Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor Works
The Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor consists of a set of hand grips and a plug-in
receiver. The hand grips are held, one in each hand, by the individual whose heart
rate is being monitored....
....The plug-in receiver connects to any of
the interfaces listed above

Here's what I would need:
Here's the type of connector plug I'm working with:

...The transmitter detects each heart beat through the
electrodes on the two hand grips with
ECG accuracy and transmits the heart rate
information to the plug-in receiver with
the help of a low frequency
electromagnetic field. The plug-in
receiver wirelessly receives the
transmission, and passes a 3-volt pulse for
each heart beat detected to the Vernier

Receiver range 80-100 cm
Transmitter transmission frequency: 5 kHz ±10%
Receiver current consumption 30-55 μA
Transmitter operating temperature 0-60°C
This sensor is equipped with circuitry that supports auto-ID. When used with
LabQuest, LabPro, Go! Link, SensorDAQ, EasyLink, or CBL 2, the data-collection
software identifies the sensor and uses pre-defined parameters to configure an
experiment appropriate to the recognized sensor.

arduino as usb adaptor

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Hi Ali,

The heart rate hand-grips finally came, but as expected, the heart rate receiver's output cable has a custom plug on the end, so it's incompatible with a computer unless I purchase the vernier usb adapter.

I'm reluctant to order the accessory because of time, budget, and principle.

My plan was to hack the receiver cable with the arduino, so that the arduino serves as the usb adapter.
But is this possible? If so, given my inexperience with this stuff, is this realistic?


best board

Hey Ali, just wondering if it would be better to make my own board to work with max, or to get an arduino and which one? I want to be able to use rgb l.e.d.s, other l.e.d. and audio stuff. Thanks

In-class lecture: 09.10.06 (problem set solutions)

Full size video here....

DUE Oct. 6, 2009: Problem set

DUE Sep. 29, 2009: Problem set

Patches are

Solutions for problems 1-5 were given in class. Numbers 6 and 7 are here.

DUE Sep. 22, 2009: Problem set

DUE Sep. 17, 2009: Problem set

Here they are:

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