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Making MaxMSP talk to sparkfun bitwhacker

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Making MaxMSP talk to sparkfun bitwacker

Items needed:

1. Bitwacker board (


2. Usb cable

3. Boot Down Application
4. uosc -1.04 folder

Please visit to obtain the required files.

Double click on the Boot Down Application to open it.
Open the uosc-1.04 /hex/Which Firmware To Use.txt  for instructions in programming the bitwacker device.
Follow the instructions. For this device the recommended HEX file is uOSC-1.04 PIC18F2455BITWACKERTTL_PORTBINT.hex

After following these steps,  quit out of the Boot Down application.  See if MaxMSP talks to the bitwacker  by connecting it to the computer via the usb cable.  Then open uosc-1.04 /max/display/uosc.display-bitwacker.mxb in MaxMSP.  

There is a corresponding MaxMSP interface to the board. In other words, the '/ra/#'  and '/rb/#' in MaxMSP correspond to the 'RA' and 'RB' columns on the board respectively.  To make any '/rb/#' patch an output, use the drop down menu within the '/rb/#' patch and select 'output'.  Then press command E and connect the the outlet of this patch to the inlet of the '' object.  Press command E again and the toggle switch should be able to turn the corresponding outlet on and off.

Screen shot 2009-11-26 at 2.55.37 PM.png 

To convert the input interfaces to output interfaces like above, press command E.  Copy and paste a '/rb/#' output patch for duplication and press command I for the Inspector and edit the Arguments row to provide the correct new name for switching the corresponding outlet on and off.

audio/video objects

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finally found my way to post to this blog!

Could you name a few audio/video objects that I could look into for integrating the web into max?  I tried look up 'url' or 'web' - but found it very difficult to find anything..

Bitwhacker firmware oddities

When my bitwacker's 6 input pins are connected to a breadboard with light sensors, strangely only pins 1 and 6 are accurate. Pins 2-4 receive a signal, but flip in value when they reach a certain point. Also, RA/4 receives no signal at all. Ali thinks this has to do with the firmware on the bitwacker. Hopefully his friends at Berkeley will know how to fix this problem.

Final Project Presentations

Hey Ali,

Is there a schedule for final project presentations? I talked to Andrea about the equipment and space for my performance and it sounds like it can happen as long as I get everything scheduled for checkout. Just not sure when to check it out.



In-class lecture: 09.10.13

part 1:

full size video here.

part 2:

full size video here.

In-class lecture: 09.10.06 (problem set solutions)

Full size video here....

In-class lecture: 09.09.29

Full size video is here.

In-class lecture: 09.09.24

Full size video is here.

In-class lecture: 09.09.22

Full size video is here...

In-class lecture: 09.09.10

Full size video is here...

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