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arduino and max

hello all,
since many of you are looking into the arduino/max communication, i check it out and found a working solution. 

it's a patch i made a  while back to be able to send MIDI to the real-world using an arduino.
if you look inside the patch you'll see how to communicate with the ardunio; it doesn't have to come from MIDI, of course; you can just make your own max patch to turn the output pins of the arduino on/off, or go read values form the anlog inputs.

this video shows how to work with it:


1.  install this arduino code on the microcontroller: "SimpleMessageSystem_example_1.pde"
2.  open this patch: "ali.midi-arduino.maxpat"
3.  use drop down menu to choose serial port (don't have Arduino IDE open!)
4.  use the keyaboard to turn pins on/off
5.  analog data flows in.

all are attached:

let me know how it goes!


best board

Hey Ali, just wondering if it would be better to make my own board to work with max, or to get an arduino and which one? I want to be able to use rgb l.e.d.s, other l.e.d. and audio stuff. Thanks ready for download


For all who gave me their personal iphone/ipod-touch udid numbers, you can download from here and the required provisions file from here.

Drag both files into the itunes window, sync your iPhone/iPod Touch.


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