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Chasing Busses

Bird Woman

Pumpkin spice adrienn b

Not A Love Song


Tom vs Tom Final


Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice

Our Wonderful day

penguin and a spider

Pumpkin Spice Standoff - by Fiona


The Creator



penguin and a spider

the penguin finally defeats the spider

Natural Selection

how the turn tables

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A Culinary Conflict

100 Photos: Kerry LePain

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These are all photos of my 100 Photo Assignment.  The model shot feel is supposed to portray an idea of sterility in the harsh, and much perfected world, of model agencies.  I juxtaposed typical model shots with model shots taken via Skype to show that the interaction between the photographer was simply not a professional one.  Intermittently there are also Skype snapshots to further explain that the photographer (myself) and Kerry are close friends.  The positive comments on the contact sheets are only towards the photos that reveal Kerry's true, or less guarded, personality.  This is the complete opposite approach that model agencies take.

By Amanda Rezutek, 2009

Pierre Le Butt

100 Photos: More Than Just a Sport

100 Photo - "My Own Entertainment"

(File loops continuously when formatted as .gif, but due to this files large size and framerate, hosting sites had trouble resizing the .gif itself)


Amanda Rezutek 2009

My World - 100 Photos Project

100 pictures recording

plant more trees

Beary Dreams


ProScope HR USB Microscope drivers

Are here.

DFG1394 video digitizer drivers

Drivers are here.

Put this file (DFG1394REG) in this place:  /Library/Application Support

Stop Motion: Jan Svankmajer

Check out Jan Svankmajer.

Stop Motion: Brothers Quay

Stop Motion: Bruce Bickford

100 Pictures of Sound

awesome art

Ali Momeni showed me this great site i think you guys should check it out!! :)

Marching Shoes

pop culture

Dynamic Google

Mai Piece of Sushi

New York, As Seen in a Blur

Bachiko's Ears

Experiment On Lucy

2009 Amanda Rezutek

adrienn bailey my stop motion

Narwhal's Song

Pointalism > Melle Dragon

Pixelization stop motion-Jim Burlak Assignment 2


Even More Abstract Day

Goldy Motion

Janessa Adelmeyer--Bike Spots

Can someone please help me??

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hi i'm trying to connect to the art server from my house and i forgot the URL type thing that you type in when your trying to go to server. can someone help me??? 

1601 1st Assign.

1601 First Assignment

1601 First Assignment- Jim Burlak

1601 First Assignment

1601 first assignment

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first assignment

1601 First Assignment

1601 First Assignment

1601 First Assignment

1601 First Assignment

1601 First Assignment

1601 First Assignment

1601 First Assignment

1601 First Assignment

1601 first assignment



1601 first assignment


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