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The Traveler (Midterm Edition)

This is a link to the version of my video game The Traveler I prepared for the Mid-term.

Self Portrait, Fall 2009

feedback appreciated. :)

Candid Living - Kevin C. Walker

COMPUTALK - Kevin C. Walker

Hope - Kevin C. Walker

CutChat - Kevin C. Walker

Oposes - Kevin C. Walker

Confrontation - Kevin C. Walker

Panic at the Museum - Kevin C. Walker

Group Stop Motion - Kevin C. Walker

Un Amour - Kevin C. Walker

The Dot Perspective - Kevin C. Walker

1601 FIRST ASSIGNMENT- Kevin C. Walker

What's Missing?

Surveillance video of a building and its grounds. Except that something's missing. What is it?

On Beauty_Final?

soyeah, i did this whole makeup thing a while ago, and finally found time to edit it...i guess i liked the idea of beauty, and what exactly it's supposed to mean. this is a conversation between different parts of me spliced to form the person I actually am...

Public Nuiscance?

100 Photos



a blothcy car


Blinded by Blinds

Flee Market

Between Work and Play

please, do come in!

what happens after too much borsch

Regis mobile projections


"surveillance style" assignment.


iChat conversation

my day

Starbucks Surveillance


Amanda Rezutek 2009

my survelliance

Surveillance # 1 < Melle Dragon


For some reason... the Media Mill will not embed my file here.  Use the direct link above.

Urban Projection Admiration

I was lost when I showed up to class.  I worked with my partner confusingly trying to figure out how to project our single image onto the wall, and that was HARD. 

I was just stunned when I saw the videos on urban-projection.com.  The projection that I admire most would be the projection 555 KUBIK.  I really like the 3D effect that they incorporated into their projection.  The graphics and movement really made the building look like it was being pressed in by a pair of hands. The building looked like it was actually transforming or rebuilding itself. The sound effects and lighting really helped with the realistic concept of this piece.  The precision of the projection itself shows great effort, thought and dedication which I really admire.  I would really like to try a projection like this, perhaps on my own home.  The motion of the projection was just so smooth and flawless, it made me stare with awe.

Melissa & Kevin

Urban Projection: "Elevation"


"Elevation" by Claudio Sinatti stood out to me as a projection, because of its use of the building's architecture as a framing device. At some points, like at about 1:30, the projection is contained within the middle "box" (the upper-middle part of the building, made by a series of pillars and horizontal ledges). At most other points, the projection permeates to other boxes. It's almost like a psychedelic tic-tac-toe arrangement. The projection itself is not specifically intense or experimental, but that it is naturally divided into boxes makes for an unusual presentation.

More than a cheap thrill.

Anti VJ: http://vimeo.com/2141464

About 4 minutes in, the crowd begins to hoot and holler.  After a series of epic/cascading visuals (birds conglomerates, fantastic city scape, horse-man, and cyber vine) the projection zeros in on the window/door well of the building. Timing, repetition, and sound are used seamlessly to generate an atmosphere, building climax and finale.  The door well transforms into a portal as the projection very decisively plays with the facade  of the buidling.  In contrast to the epic images first generated/projected, the simple mind-bending of the buildings parts (bricks etc.) is super trippy/cognitive?  At 4 minutes the pieces heads into climax and a  finale similar to the end of a fireworks display ( a spectacle familiar to many). The sound tailored for this work finds a way to accelerate inside you as the building smashes down.

555 Kubik: Projections on Hamburg Kunsthalle

The piece I chose is 555 Kubik by Urbanscreen.

This projection appeals to me through its exquisite, rich details on the full surface of a building. The illusions are realistic to the degree of confusing viewers--who are alien to the building--question whether the cubes are actually popping out because the building is capable of it, or if its just really well done with shadows and timing. Initially, the synchronization of pressure from hand gestures and cubes intrigued me. The sound of hard cement scraping another surface also adds to the illusion, or credibility of illusion because the mind relates it automatically to the visuals of cubes. Halfway through the video, the projection played on the real (only) roll of windows by creating images of similar light reflected windows on the rest of the building. It was taken a step further by adding dimension when each small window cell becomes a cube popping out or seemingly lowering into the building as it casts shadows also.

Although viewers know it is just an illusion, the piece is well crafted enough to pull it off, even if just in that moment of projection. 

Projection on Gate

Link: http://www.urban-projection.com/?p=279


            Of all the pieces I viewed on this website, one stood out to me. "Projection on Gate" is by far the most impressive work. The images are projected onto the gate in such a way that you cannot even tell that it is a projection. The precision of the lines and pictures is amazing. The timing and placement of the images are so perfect that it actually looks like the gate is producing them itself. This design leaves no room for error for the artist. The dedication of the artist was very high on this project. You can see that they had to plan out the exact details of every element. Even the sound is chosen and placed so flawlessly that you do not even notice it, it just feels right. Overall, this is a very remarkable piece of art.


-Tom Flessland

Projection on Gate



The piece "Projection on Gate" was actually the opening to another piece, "Projections on a Tree". I liked this piece because, unlike most of the other pieces on the site, this focused on a small portion of an everyday building and accentuated it. It made people notice something that would otherwise simply be there. In an architecture lecture I am currently enrolled in, we discussed how an entryway is one of the most important pieces of any structure, yet it is often neglected in day-to-day activity. This piece gives that neglected part of the structure a new face.


What really interested me about the piece was the ability of the artist to divide the projection into portions of light and darkness. I am confused as to how it is possible to have areas of darkness within a projection's field of view. Some experimentation with Livedraw may be in order. . .

the horse in motion

the horse in motion, by dave lynch

the sound really scared me at first, but it was a fun piece. i admire the most the simplicity of the animation, knowing that dave lynch probably took the original footage of the horse in motion from 120 years ago, or at least reinstated it from the old frames. this work truly exemplifies motion, because the moving doubles with the running horse and the running car at the same time. the sound in relation to the graphic is another aspect i really like, because it makes it the perfect gallop and therefore impact on me. i also appreciate the forceful speed of the image and the way it runs parallel to the unsuspecting street. when i sum up the image and the sound and the overall effect, it reads like an illustrated story, maybe a fairytale. the best part of this piece for me is how the horse and its rider are running through the street which is its background literally, but also an environment-- if it weren't considered a street, as if it could have been a field or desert, or anything but that busy setting. the rider and the horse hurry but act like it's no big deal to be riding through there and i like that, too.

Tag und Nacht-Jim Burlak

Tag und Nacht is a projection piece that i really like. Besides the obvious points of how well the piece was directed and performed the piece also used some other technics that i really liked. For instance, My favorite aspect of projection art is that when the projection actually uses the building or whatever it is projecting on as a canvas. This projection took the windows on the building and incorporated them into the projection. Also another thing that i liked about this projection is that they did not only use the projector and the computer to create all of their images. For a brief moment in the performance they cast shadows on building. That is why i liked this piece more than some of the other ones on the website. 

Projection on Gate

Projection on Gate from Luuk Meuffels on Vimeo.

       Although it may seem simple due to its scale, this piece has quite an impact on the viewer. By day, this is just an ordinary entrance way that many people pass through and never get to take the time to examine or even think about. Through the animation and lighting, the gate appears to be alive and breathing, almost beckoning a passerby to enter. It really gives the doorway a sort of importance, since none of the windows or surrounding area are lit in any way. Also, the projection works with the architecture itself. It is not just something projected onto a gate like its title indicates, the projection is actually part of the gate now, creating something completely new. There seems to be a sci-fi reference in regards to the style of the projection and the music chosen for the video, which is an interesting contrast to the rustic gate. The combination of these aspects yields an impressive piece.


Response to "wildlife" by Karolina Sobecka.

The allure of this piece for me is in it's discreetness.
While the synchronization of movements between the wheels and the tiger is fun,
I admire the fleeting presence and in connection - its mobility. An unknowing bystander might just see a tiger racing past him across the fronts of buildings. (Even if an observer does notice that it is being projected from a certain car, that hardly detracts from the impact.) The fact that this experience might last for just a few seconds would make it extremely intriguing if I was that bystander. The great tiger would literally and figuratively leave me in the dark.

Tag und Nacht

Click to watch "Tag und Nacht"

I picked a piece of art called "Tag und Nacht". I admire this work because this piece has changed my whole idea of a piece of projection art. Before looking at this work, my idea of "urban projection" was just to project images, videos on a wall as a screen, and play a sound. However, this art properly uses the characteristic of a building, and I think this gives a life to both images and the building. 

One thing I was really amazed regarding this work was to project different images on the same screen. For instance, at the beginning of the movie, a tree is growing from the ground, and at the same time the other images of trees are projected on windows. Even though images are projected from the front of the wall, you can see there is no light at the window frames. Is the whole thing illusion? Was the image of the wall projected from the beginning of performance? It's fun to think about how the artist created the art, because I don't know how it was done. 

Dear Elouise v2 (updated!)

Conversation assignment. (version two)

Urban Projection Reflection

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Upon opening the Urban Projection blog, it was immediately clear to me that some of these videos were not as foreign as I expected them to be. Wooster Collective has been in my favorites toolbar since I was a sophomore in High School. Many of the same pieces presented from around the world on Wooster's blog were copied onto the Urban Projection blog. Therefore, a new piece that jumped out to me, and was admirable, was the post about Nada Surf's music video, Blankest Year. It is impressive not only because it is a music video comprised entirely of projecting animations of a human figure, but that there is movement not only in the projection but also in the movement of the projector. It would be extremely challenging to film, move the projector, and make sure that the human figure interacted with the buildings in a way that made sense. The way the artist played with the textures of projection surfaces also intrigued me.

why i admire a work of art!

I admire this peice of artwork called Cities because I thought it was very creative. I enjoyed how the artist made it seem very realistic as if we awere looking out of the plane window. i just thought it was nice how it felt like i was put right into the artwork. i think it took a lot of work to make something look and feel realistic that's alos why i admire this work. i think the artist took their time into creating this oeice and i think time and effort is what makes a work of art great as opposed to a rushed peice of artwork.

the link is: http://www.urban-projection.com/?cat=27

Urban Projection

One of my favorite projections on the Urban Projection site was the simple "TXTual in Baltimore" by TXTual Healing.  They have projected speech bubbles on buildings, bringing the lives going on inside them to life outside.  Even though projection can be used to create a lot more visually exciting experiences, I admire this piece because of the way it ties individuals together, and also to our culture with references in the speech bubbles.  It makes the cultural sphere tangible and relevant in a fun way.




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2 Person Conversation project




After 5 Years


Video Chat




Dear Elouise

In class convo





Mind Game

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Conversation Piece.  Amanda Rezutek 2009

Courting Artifice > Melle Dragon

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Stare Down Dynamics

destiny and i talk



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my edited convo with mel.

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by Amanda Rezutek 2009

On Beauty_In Prog.

Alberto & Jorge

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Mad want


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Stop final. audio. untitled.

now i dont

Installation documentation

Reflections of A Skyline

Example of a spliced conversation.

Stand off edited. nels

. v2

pan zoom cut. night.

DownTown Anoka

stop Motion project Edited

Piano video project


Marching Shoes

DownTown Anoka

Apple Short

Face Off

Tom vs. Tom (Melle's cut)

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

The Great Stand-Off (FINAL)

Smoke Break

Calm After the Storm


Video of the lead singer and banjo player in Port O' Brian.
More specifically, their feet.