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Interactive Motion Video Midterm

The amount of movement controlled video playback speed, position in a 2d space controlled sound playback.

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synthetic vibes

1) Nylon raincoat with hood & strings for tightening/loosening the hood.

Put on the raincoat with the hood up.

Hold the hoodstrings tight with one hand while plucking the strings with the other.
The effect may not be detectable to the outside world, but you - with the hood on - are in a prime locale. The vibrations travel through the strings and resound within the hood "membrane".
The hood is comparable to the body of a stringed instrument like a violin or guitar. It acoustically projects the sound of the vibrating strings as they resonate. Having your ears very close to this membrane means you'll be able pick up on these sounds and can vary the tension on the hoodstrings to play different pitches. You have just made your raincoat into a stringed instrument!

If needed, you can hold AND play the strings with one hand, leaving the other to scratch the outside of the raincoat, or "spin nylon" if you will. I was able to produce DJ-like sounds among others.

The techniques above illustrate how to make the sounds, but the piece's composition is improvisation.

Play and repeat.



Two-Minute Universe

State of the Union

No Signal - Ending of Midterm - Kevin C. Walker

Indy City Ciggy - Final Project - Kevin C. Walker

Wardrobe - Kevin C. Walker

Audible sound piece constructed with nothing but clothing built for the human body.


Midterm: Defining Myself

The Traveler (Final Project)

The attached .zip file has everything necessary (except the Processing application itself) to run The Traveler, as presented on December 8, 2009. Instructions are also included!

Light and Dark - midterm

Hmoob or Hmong?

ill-mannered friend

my 100 wachis!

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Clothing Sounds... Instructions?

Outerwear-- Coat (pockets with keys on lanyard), scarf, flip-gloves/mittens, jeans, heavy untied/zipped snow boots.

Attach contact microphone to each hand so that the sensitive plate is facing out & halfway under where the mitten-flip would be. The gain for these would be about 30-35% of the other contact mics.
One contact mic on outside of key pocket, one on the interior of the in-side portion of a pants leg (doesn't matter which side) at about calf level.

With hands in pockets, march in place with a steady rhythm (rhythm breaks down as performance progresses). 
After 10-15 seconds, take hands out of pockets and flip a mitten open, run palm over backs of hand, up arm, over shoulders, unwind scarf and run hand down to stomach to other mitten and repeat. 
Stop marching rock on the balls of the feet-- one at a time, together, there should be no particular pattern while brushing off all clothing for about 10 seconds.
Stomp boots flat footed, tap toes on the ground behind and jump up and down flat-footed.

Confonds Toutes Choses

PopUps (extended)

Introduction to Interdimensional Communication


Tantra Tantrum

slamdown.jpgcomposite still, the only remnant from the lost/erased Tantra Tantrum:

Father Hennepin Does Not Understand Dakota

Fookoo - Sound of Clothing

The worst thing I made




DSC00154 (1).jpg

my jacket ~live~

Fookoo (sound with clothes)

Final Project Documentation

Amanda Rezutek 2009

Cold Clothing

Amanda Rezutek 2009

the ballad of the zipper

FB Death

Day In The Life Of

All Day

Was viewed in class

adrienn bailey

adrienn bailey pt. 2

adrienn bailey pt3

adrienn bailey pt.4

the Impressionable Human-Jim Burlak Mid-term

Final Project- Jim Burlak


Sound of Clothing-Jim Burlak

Jim Burlak Sound of Clothing

Animated Cigarette In Animata with smoke - Kevin C. Walker

Nothing particular to a specific assignment, just practice for my Final Project. Let me know if you have any idea's if you would like to learn how to use this amazing software!

Kevin C. Walker

May or May not appear in my final!

On the Road Again

2 Minute Sound from Walk

Magical Lego Gem - stop motion

100 Pictures


"Sound Jumble"
"Noisy Humans and Unrelenting Nature"
"Chopped-up Music"
"Getting Away From It All"
"Play Outside? Nah."